Both are BLs based around the film industry .both have leads who are actors .
In both one of the lead is very sure of their feelings while the other is kinda confused

Diff is that "my stand in" has a very toxic lead and Doormat of another lead.
In 25 ji ,both the characters r nice .but overall it's kinda boring .
Recomendado por Markiepooh
Meet You at the Blossom is an upcoming drama adapted from a novel by Shui Qian Cheng, the same author as My Stand In.
Recomendado por vieveda
The dynamics of main leads r very similar and the character portrayal and psychology match heavily , ray drove me crazy when he tried to own sand but loved mew just like ming loves tong but considers joe as a replace.

Ps. Only friends is the harem of kissing everybody so avoide shipping any couple with too much craze.
Recomendado por Little Unknown
The similarity between My Stand-In and Love Mechanics lied in the sexual relationship between two men in which one of them love another person that caused the MC sad and tormented. Both MC were quick at recognizing affection and rejection, while both ML were not willing to choose between MC and their love interests and confused about their own feeling for quite long. The difference was in My Stand-In the MC was not in love with anyone when starting a relationship with ML, while in Love Mechanics the drunk MC thought he slept with his love interest at that moment after being broken-hearted by his love interest's confession to another person. The ML in My Stand-In was selfish and obsessed, while in Love Mechanics the ML was kind and soft-hearted.
Recomendado por Indah Kurniawati
You want another toxic/abusive/gaslighting relationship, Skip a Beat is for you. The ML and FL were both toxic, maybe the ML was physical, but the FL played so many mind games and was WRONG about everything. The twist had me in a tizzy! ENJOY
Recomendado por enctv
The angst of feeling like someone who is a "stand-in" and is just a replacement was prominent in both the shows
Recomendado por hyun-junnie
Even though it's not a BL the plot is similar
-the FL enter a new body
-she came back with the idea to reconnect with her loved one's
- there's revenge against her lover
- she goes back to her previous workplace
Recomendado por Lisehapguer
Both Thai BL's about an incident that causes a Main Character to wake up in someone else's body. Vice Versa is a bit more Vanilla as it is 13+, whereas My Stand-In is 18+ and shows many more toxic situations and explicit content.
Recomendado por TheRealNicole
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