Same main actor, and similar procedural-style drama where the protagonists take on investigations/cases to fight for justice. Great chemistry and action sequences!
Recomendado por codecraftnap
Both have a rich ML who is a cop.
however, in the good detective he was already a cop but got inheritance from his rich uncle.
In flex X cop he is an illegitimate son of a chaebol enjoying the rich life, but he causes trouble and is forced to work as a detective.
Both have a dysfuntional chaebol family that is an important part of the plot.
Both have their own traumas that affected them deeply and caused insomnia.
Recomendado por izaya5k
-Both are a perfect blend of comedic and case-solving
-Both male leads have lost their mothers in mysterious ways
-both have a good romantic subplot
Recomendado por anonymous2615
-Both dramas have same vibes: Funny, not too serious, more like a comfort movies, easy to watch
-Teamwork, case solving, action, police female leads etc.
-In both series, the MLs are not police officers, but they start working with the police.
-The MLs in both series are not too serious or cold.
-In both series FLs are judgmental towards male leads at first but in Stealer it is kind of cute and comedic.
-There are several cases in both series.
-In Flex Cop there are cases of murder, in Stealer cases of smuggling antiquities are main focus as well as murdering.
Recomendado por kotatsumushi
If you love Ahn Bo Hyun's dramas then this is a must watch for you.
In both dramas he plays as the son of a rich family.
Both have good amount of comedy.
Seeing Ahn Bo Hyun in this series, you will definitely love the different side to him in See You In My 19th life.
Both dramas have smart and badass female leads so it will be fun to watch the main leads.
Recomendado por KaKaShi17
The ML is rich in both...its similar in comedy and mystery..the FL are different..They investigate and its fun..
Recomendado por MagdaPearlin
Ever since the first episode of Flex X Cop I can't stop thinking it has the same vibes as Psychopath Diary.
Both dramas are mystery dramas with a good dose of humor. Both male leads are not typical cops. In Flex X Cop the male lead is a seemingly carefree chaebol who is appointed as a police officer without undergoing proper training, while in Psychopath Diary the male lead is a civilian who (accidentally) helps the police find a serial killer. Both ML are smart (although in PD we see the ML wit only in the last few episodes). Both FL are strong and independent and both of them have a police officer father who had been involved in a difficult situation during their work (in FXC the FL father was wrongfully accused for bribery while in PD FL father had an accident that left him mentally challenged during investigating a case). Furthermore, the soundtracks of both dramas are delightful.
Recomendado por GranitaLemoni
-Both are kind of unhinged investigative dramas with a rebel ML and a grounded FL.
-The male leads both use unusual tactics to solve crimes. Jin Yi Soo (Flex X Cop) uses his chaebol connections and money to get insider information about cases. Jin Jung (Bad Prosecutor) uses his craziness.
-Both have well-choreographed fight scenes and good direction
-Dramas are case-centric and focus mostly on the investigations, but the main characters all have personal traumas/storylines to work through
-Romantic undertones between the leads. FXC hasn't finished airing, but it has more romantic scenes than BP
-Both casts have great chemistry
-They're fun dramas to watch when you need a taste breaker from fluffy romances
Recomendado por Cassey
Flex X Cop is def lighter, but they both focus on action and police officers working as a team to solve case with a side comedy of course.
The First Responders also involves firefighters and paramedics, and is much more of a thriller (and emotional) show.
The MLs are quite similar too.
Recomendado por rovsals
They are both about crime solving but in different time period. They have a somewhat similar ML vibe with all the chaos they bring when they are investigating
Recomendado por Pumla
The main plot is similar the conglomerate family son being cop or detective. Their both parent has selected for president selection and telling their troublemaker sons not to make things worse.
Recomendado por Jichuya
Recomendado por belu ruiz
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