Colher de Ouro Episódio 1

8.3/10 from 41 users
Jan 26, 2024
Jin Yi Soo, the naïve heir of Hansu Group, gets into a fight with a stranger and Kang Hyun arrests him. (Source: Hulu)

Colher de Ouro Episódio 2

8.7/10 from 33 users
Jan 27, 2024
A model is found dead on a yacht. Yi Soo gets his first murder case and investigates with Kang Hyun. (Source: Hulu)

Colher de Ouro Episódio 3

8.8/10 from 32 users
Feb 02, 2024
The team finds the key suspect in the model murder case. However, other suspects come to light. (Source: Hulu)

Colher de Ouro Episódio 4

9.0/10 from 27 users
Feb 03, 2024
A famous painter has been murdered in an art gallery. Meanwhile, Yi Soo visits his childhood home. (Source: Hulu)

Colher de Ouro Episódio 5

9.0/10 from 21 users
Feb 16, 2024
Yi Soo captures the prime suspect in the painter's case, and he learns something unexpected. (Source: Hulu)

Colher de Ouro Episódio 6

9.2/10 from 24 users
Feb 17, 2024
The death of an elderly is all but simple. Kang Hyun works to prove it, and Yi Soo seeks other methods. (Source: Hulu)

Colher de Ouro Episódio 7

9.2/10 from 23 users
Feb 23, 2024
A bizarre body is found in an office. Yi Soo and Kang Hyun start investigating the mysterious death. (Source: Hulu)

Colher de Ouro Episódio 8

8.9/10 from 24 users
Feb 24, 2024
A man is caught at the suspect's house. Yi Soo investigates the link between the found item and death. (Source: Hulu)

Colher de Ouro Episódio 9

8.7/10 from 18 users
Mar 01, 2024
Yi Soo recovers memories with hypnosis and looks for Myeong Chul. Meanwhile, an actress is found dead. (Source: Hulu)

Colher de Ouro Episódio 10

8.8/10 from 16 users
Mar 02, 2024
Yi Soo and Kang Hyun discover the actress had a stalker and was harassed by him before her death. (Source: Hulu)

Colher de Ouro Episódio 11

8.5/10 from 14 users
Mar 08, 2024
The sudden death of two people affiliated with Oryunhoe. Kang Hyun tries to uncover the truth. (Source: Hulu)

Colher de Ouro Episódio 12

9.2/10 from 21 users
Mar 09, 2024
Yi Soo encounters Kang Hyun at Oryunhoe, and they face a crisis of being exposed to the cult leader. (Source: Hulu)

Colher de Ouro Episódio 13

8.6/10 from 17 users
Mar 15, 2024
An unknown body is found in Myeongchul's backyard amidst the election. Yi Soo investigates the case. (Source: Hulu)

Colher de Ouro Episódio 14

8.8/10 from 18 users
Mar 16, 2024
The team arrests the suspect in the case. Meanwhile, Yi Soo discovers secrets within the household. (Source: Hulu)

Colher de Ouro Episódio 15

8.5/10 from 13 users
Mar 22, 2024
Shocked by unexpected news, Yi Soo is tormented. Meanwhile, Kang Hyun investigates to help Yi Soo. (Source: Hulu)

Colher de Ouro Episódio 16

9.6/10 from 11 users
Mar 23, 2024
Truths start to unfold about his mother's death. Yi Soo is confronted with an unbearable reality. (Source: Hulu)

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