Healthy relationship between male lead and female lead. The unconditional trust for each other and they continuously to give each other encouragement as they face their own problems. There are a lot of mental support in both couples.
Recomendado por paopeo9
in ep 15 when he says be my family it remind me of them bc the female protagonist in both of the dramas have a cozy and warm family but the protagonist dont so when they are together they are their own family and also they rely on eachother when they both are struggling
Recomendado por Anto_Doramaniaco
not superr similar, but i found some similarites...
- top plastic surgeon ML
- accident resulting in ML losing his top surgeon reputation
- mysterious death
- trying to solve mystery

Recomendado por izzizizi123
healing dramas
similar feel
families around leads that are hurting
dr. slump has less family angst
Recomendado por vvn2154
About two people with their own painful stories who go through a complicated process of hurting and healing while falling in love with each other.

No Hwi Oh is a detective in the violent crimes division of the Gangnam Police Station. He thinks that he is doing well until his life suddenly takes a turn and he becomes a “crazy” person who can’t hold in his anger about anything.

Lee Min Kyung is a woman who is caught up in her own delusions and compulsions. She had lived an ordinary life as a pretty woman with a respectable job until “that incident” that caused everything in her life to break down. As a result, she was unable to trust anyone and is caught in a prison of her own making. Her delusions also have the unfortunate side effect of making everyone else around her angry.
Recomendado por Daniel
their relationship is similar, both of the couples have an unconditional love for each other and always support each other, they both are suffering in their own individuals ways but when they are together even if its just a minute it will all be okay
Recomendado por Anto_Doramaniaco
eu indico Doctor Cha como uma sequencia ou para ver na mesma comparação, porque ambos tratam do tema medicina, problemas de saúde, desgaste emocional, abuso de poder, dilemas familiares e dificuldades reais na vida de um ser humano. Ambos tem uma pitada de suspense em algum momento, e tratam de amor de alguma forma, em seus momentos iniciais ou momentos finais de virada de pagina de vida.
Recomendado por Moon Prix

FL and ML are Intelligent and academic rivals.
In both the dramas the ML and FL meet again after they complete their graduation .
Recomendado por Agxdn
Cinematography is similar, and it's similar in a sense that both of the main characters are in a similar situation, and they find love :))
Recomendado por graesue07
Yoo Hye Jung was a tough bully in school with a prickly personality and always goes wayward. She had many scars from her childhood and through self-preservation, Hye Jung keeps her heart shut away from other people. However, she changes after meeting her mentor Hong Ji Hong who plays a key role in transforming her life from a helpless gangster to a compassionate doctor.
Recomendado por Farhana Akhter
Daily Dose of Sunshine is another healing drama that challenges myths about mental health. The main character also experiences depression.
Recomendado por ReplyDrama
school life crush both the drama the lead role liked them in school life and death ? a bit better but not too sure you are the only way is up ? a bit better but not too sure you are the
Recomendado por bhvyshrm
both related to medical college ? a bit better now than later today to be in touch and the rest is just for a bit better now than later today to be in touch and the rest is just for a bit
Recomendado por bhvyshrm
Both are healing dramas dealing with very heavy topics in a light hearted way.
Both dramas treat the pain with care and respect
May I Help You has a fantasy component but that does not take away from the overall similar vibe.
Two people suffering and coming together to help ea h other and fall in love.
Recomendado por vvn2154
In both the dramas the Male lead and Female lead meet again after they complete their graduation and In both drama they were friends im school
Recomendado por bhvyshrm
Médicos em Colapso (2024) poster



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