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  • Yuka
    [Gochi member] (S7) | [Gochi guest] (S2E12, S19E15)
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  • Mori Izumi
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  • Sasaki Nozomi
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  • Tayama Ryosei
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  • Higashide Anne
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  • Kamikawa Takaya
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  • Hirai Rio
    [Gochi member] (S15) | [Gochi guest] (S17E16, S19E10, S19E14)
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  • Yanagiba Toshiro
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  • Nikaido Fumi
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  • Nakajima Kento
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  • Hashimoto Kanna
    [Gochi member] (S19) | [Gochi guest] (S20E23, S23E15)
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  • Tanaka Kei
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  • Tsuchiya Tao
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