Office romance between company staff and CEO. Both parties end up falling in love with each other due to unforeseen circumstances.

Recomendado por Kemmydai
- Park Min Young is in both dramas.
- they both kind of start at bad steps.
- there is another love interest.
Recomendado por Moka
After business proposal, most related drama would be this drama… the vibe, the characters, the romance,
Recomendado por Mhd
Poisoned Love has the same backstory as What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? It is a 20-something Cdrama similar to the 30-something Kdrama.
Recomendado por fclyde
These two dramas are very similar from the comedy to the romance.
-Both are secretaries of the company CEO
-Both have some kind of past together
-Both have steamy kisses
-The chemistry is amazing between both couples
- Secondary couples are sweet
-Comedy is on point
-The office department workers are still hilarious in Well Dominated Love
Well Dominated Love I believe is a spinoff Chinese version of WWWSK, but I think the couple in dominated love are super romantic.
Recomendado por Marmarbear
From the sypnosis, sounds like The Secret Life of My Secretary is similar to What's Wrong with Secretary Kim.

Both have bosses that fall in love with their secretaries. Both have secretaries that is a long time trusted worker for the boss and they are the only ones who knows what the boss likes.
Recomendado por pinkvanilla
They both have similar setting, which is around an office/business romance. The similarity between these two dramas lies in their premise of a female lead who has a close professional relationship with a successful and powerful male lead. Plus, both dramas share similarities in their portrayal of a workplace romance.
Recomendado por ClG
from the first few episodes I have found some similarities but as a historical drama instead of a modern drama.
They both show the main lead male being arrogant and full of himself
Recomendado por Roselixa2398
Both feature boss x employee relationship
same vibe, both female leads are somehow naive when it comes to love
and both male leads at first are confused about their feeling towards the female lead
Recomendado por leylashkanovruz
Park Seo Joon is one of the lead roles in both dramas; the male lead is a chaebol, the female lead a hardworking person... something traumatic happened in their past as kids, but it was burried by their family and memories.
Both have humor but also dramatic background.
Recomendado por userbmc
both have the "cold rich male lead with a traumatic past", and they both have a mature/grownup ish romance.. with a strong female lead...
also, the parents in both dramas are more supportive than the usual romcom parent ;p
Recomendado por XingBack
Both dramas have the same director and screenwriter. They are about office romances between a female secretary and her male boss.
Recomendado por ohmyseoul
Same related story btwn employee and employer.Same related story btwn employee and employer.Same related story btwn employee and employer.Same related story btwn employee and employer.
Recomendado por Vishwas Ng
Lighthearted romcoms (for the most part) about narcissistic bosses who end up falling in love with their enduring secretaries.
Both have a lot of similarities in terms of the dynamics between the couple and just the overall feeling.
Recomendado por Criativegirl
Same boss from hell liking/tormenting his pretty secretary, but with a time loop twist. Secretary Bai Wants to Resign Everyday is a short web drama so it is lighter in tone than Secretary Kim, but the feels are the same.
Recomendado por Mic Lo
O Que Houve Com a Secretária Kim? (2018) poster



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