Although the plot is different, I get similar vibes from both of these dramas and here’s why:

1- Both male leads are in the military
2- Both female leads are successful and have a rather similar personality
3- The female leads start off by disliking the male leads
4- Male leads risk their lives and career to protect the female lead
5- Both leads end up falling for each other and have great chemistry
6- Second leads also become a couple
7- Both dramas include them traveling between 2 countries
8- Both are funny :)

If you really liked Descendants of the Sun, I’m sure you’ll also enjoy Crash Landing on You.
Recomendado por The girl
The plot seems similar. A special ops force/army man is working together with a doctor at a place amidst calamity/war .
Recomendado por usna
Although the beauty that is Healer can never be compared to DOTS, I feel that these dramas are strikingly similar. Firstly Healer is saving people's lives, or destroying them, which is comparable to Si Jin. Additionally, they would do anything to protect the one's they love and thus are in pain (several) if not many times for said people. There is also a lack of a love triangle in both dramas allowing for the main characters to develop their relationship without a third party interfering. This is important as viewers are more connected and embellished into the relationship of the characters and feel the emotions they feel. There is also an abundance of politics thrown into the mix with a sprinkle of betrayal. Overall these dramas are quite difficult to compare since they address different topics but overall have similar elements thus making Healer enjoyable for any DOTS fan. Happy viewing.
Recomendado por Ela
Similar concept of saving people and romance between doctor and soldiers/firefighters
Both have mature leads and they overcome challenges together and fight for the country
Recomendado por KavithaAswath
Both have the same genre: romance and military - about love that grows under military situation.

Though 'King2Hearts' focuses more on politics & military, you can still feel the the strength of the love each character has. Meanwhile 'Descendants of the Sun' is more about the romance itself and also has the medical genre in it.

'King2Hearts' is about a South-Korean prince falling for a North-Korean soldier. Together they fight to keep their relationship while also trying to keep the peace between north and south.
In 'Descendants of the Sun' a female doctor struggles to have a relationship with a soldier from the special force.

While in 'Descendants of the Sun' we stillget comedy from time to time, it lessens in 'King2Hearts' as the situation becomes more serious.
Recomendado por hedwig3

A soldier, a volunteer,
an arrogant soldier and a volunteer, the arrogant soldier is "in charge" if you call it that, of the volunteer, (at least he didn't act like he knows the teachers job better than the teacher does but, hey, he was still arrogant. They have that in common, if you didn't realise)
The whole war-zone thing-y, trouble-in-the-zone, soldier comes to help, conspiracies, I think
The whole, "I'm hot and I know it" vibe he has going on
The whole unequal ground love story
you know, figure the rest of it out
Recomendado por OMd
8.5 W (2016)
Both action packed and full of plot twists. Whereas DOTS takes place in a different country, W is set in an alternate reality.

Both female leads are doctors and due to their relationship with the male leads end up in dangerous situations. Both dramas have the same amount of romance, the couples are adorable but obviously have a deep connection which shows through the casts' acting.
Recomendado por Bella
If you loved Song Joong Ki in DOTS, you won't regret watching him in Innocent Man. It's his best performance to date.
Recomendado por Fumichan
This drama is a delicious combination of City Hunter + Healer + Mask + Descendants of The Sun
It has a military plot as DOTS, but with a darker atmosphere. It has the same political and bodyguard theme as City Hunter. Healer comes to this mix because the male lead is the same, and he have to hide his identity.
I also put Mask here bacause it has a similar feeling around the girl in K2 and the male lead in Mask, both from important/rich families that have to hide thenselves or they true selves from public image.
Very good drama! The action is insane and the male lead is superb in his acting, the cast is very very good!
Hope you enjoy as much as I am!
Recomendado por userbmc
if you liked City hunter you must like Descendants of the Sun too. Watch it you will love it for sure.
Recomendado por indramalove
- Both have sexy leads falling in love within workplace settings
- Both have a strong FL
- Both leads have strong chemistry and tastefully shot kissing scenes
- Both have SUN in the title ;)
Recomendado por s_EDIT
Raw love. Hot leads. Both give me a similar not exact tone. Both leads go nonstop for their love. Amazing.
Recomendado por Yixings Pet
Even though legend of fei is Chinese and descendants of the sun is korean, they still have a couple of similarities
1.the male leads both come close to death or die in a sense
2.the female lead isn't silly and is actually mature for once
3.both of them have very high rankings in my personal fav list ( descendants of the sun being 2nd fav in my korean list and legend of fei being 2nd in my Chinese list )
You shouldn't mind all the bad reviews as both the dramas are amazing in their own right
Recomendado por XieQingQiu
Comedies mixed with melodramas with great cast, showing really great romance
Recomendado por Klaudia
Descendentes do Sol (2016) poster



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