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Avid drama watcher. Hopeless romantic.

First Cdrama: Go Go Squid (Dropped it), The Untamed (Changed my life)

First Kdrama: Jewel in the Palace (Dubbed in my native language), Full House (in Korean with English Subtitles)

Favourite Cdrama and Kdrama: Under the Power (Historical romance), Love is sweet(Rom-Com), TTEOTM(Tragic romance), Goblin (Fantasy romance), Healer (Action-romance), Lovely Runner (Rom-Com + Time slip)

Favourite Actors/Actresses: Bai lu, Luo yunxi, Wang yibo, Zhang Jingyi, Tan Songyun, Song Hye-kyo, Kim Hye yoon, Ji Chang wook, Lee Jeong suk, Lee Ji eun.

Favourite genre: Pure Rom-com, Ancient Chinese Romance, Slowburn romance, XianXia

Most favourite drama Characters: Yuan Jin Xia & Lu yi (From UTP), Li SuSu (From TTEOTM), Sun-hee (From Goblin), Yuan Shuai (From LIS), Eun Dan-oh (From EY), Currently my ultimate fav is Ryu Sun Jae (From Lovely Runner)


10 stars- Perfect for me

9.5- There were some parts which I didn't like but the drama was gooooooooooood.

9- There were many parts where the drama fell through for me still it was a good watch.

8.5- Could have been better but they ruined it somewhere. Still enjoyable.

8- Went through it either because of the actors or plot or something else.

7.5- Average. Don't expect much

7- Below average

6.5- Just for the sake of rating.

6 or below- Not my cup of tea / Simply Bad.

P.S: I drop dramas or rate them accordingly, even if my favourite actors are in them. I simply like what I like, and if I don't enjoy something, I'm straightforward about it. 


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