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every where at the same time ! ;)


every where at the same time ! ;)

mmmmmm i was planning to change my profile and no great ideas came to my mind im so disappointed

but i will try to make it like normal human beings unfortunately it would be hard for me to add creativity hhhhh now im feeling lazy to complete it .

okay i have an idea i will tell you what im good at 
im good at sleeping
being high most of the time (laugh with no reason and talk to my self)
im good in or at (i dont know which is best to use) making friendship and communicating with people i believe
hhh just kidding off course i wont do that except if i have a reason to do it MUHAHAHAHAHA!
mmmm what else im good at ?! think usagi think YAH im good at studying
OKAY ! last one was a lie im sorry
about me
 best thing to know about your self is by asking someone close to you and i asked my dongsaing 


                 ) twice and she told me that my personality is close to the yoja in faith as we both are smart and crazy at the same time ....awh saranghae dongsae.
i know last part i kept it the same, all my ideas was done !

so i think i will stop here and once i have something new i will share it have a nice day evrey one.
  saranghae all<3 
and HOI HOI!

whats new :  omo 4 days passed for me being here in mdl for 3 months time really pass by fast;)

oh and i find this i really loved it !  Life is all memory, except for the present moment that goes by you so quick you hardly catch it going. ”
im happy for meeting all of you :)  :* <3


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