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This is an in-progress comprehensive compilation of time travel drama and movies to make up for all of the other lists on this site which  are…

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Time travel: female protagonist(s)

To a large extent, these titles feature female leads that travel to the past, future, or present that have a realistic or fantastical destination…

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Time travel: communicating with the past/reincarnation

These titles do not have actual traveling to a different time or place, more of the past & present characters converge together to investigate…

42 titles
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Time travel: male lead(s)

The main protagonist is a male that travels to a realistic present or past; names and places are based on real history. 

124 titles
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Time travel: time-jumping

Here, only titles with frequent and short time jumps are included.

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Time travel: alternative universe/gaming

Titles concerned with traveling to alternate universe via gaming, etc., not based on real history

55 titles
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Time travel: body-switch

Only leads that take up/impersonate someone in the past, aka have a comfy niche ie. identity, are included.My other lists only feature protagonists…

89 titles
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Time travel: lost time

Due to various reasons, these main characters fell asleep, were frozen or otherwise incapacitated  for a long time; hence they have lost time…

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