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So this story started in March 2019, when feeling a bit curious about idols in tv shows I clicked on Hwarang on Netflix... and the rest, well, watching my watchlist you can imagine the rest... (you are here, so YOU know how this goes).

I tend to prefer Dramas with strong FL characters that mix modern times with the Joseon era or mix modern times with science fiction (aliens, robots, changing suddenly into other people).  I also love it when mixed with some suspense or thriller elements, and occasionally saeguks.

On the other side, dislike very slow-paced dramas, with lots of staring into space and unnecessary flashbacks just to fill up, and I don't like Makjangs either.



Here is my kdrama OST playlist! I have been compiling these songs since I started watching dramas... By no means, it is not an exhaustive list, but just the songs that called out to me and now just remind me of my favorite moments in K-dramas.

2021 kDrama Challenge
  1.  A drama featuring Lee Min Ho
  2.  A drama from r/kdramarecommends community official recommendation list
  3.  A drama off the r/KDRAMA pr r/kdramarecommends banner
  4.  A drama that begins with the first letter of your user name
  5.  A drama that references a real historical event in Korea
  6.  A drama featuring a character(s) who speak in dialect
  7.  A drama that takes place in a location other than Seoul
  8.  A drama that features one of the top 10 locations in 2020 on KDL
  9.  A drama that is an adaptation or a remake
  10.  A drama where the main story doesn't involve romance
  11.  A drama featuring great friendships
  12.  A drama with a lead actor or actress you haven't seen in a lead role before
  13.  A drama written by a renowned screenwriter
  14.  A drama directed by a renowned director
  15.  A drama by a a writer or director whose works you haven´t watched
  16.  A long-format drama (at least 50h)
  17.  A short-format drama (under 10h): Here's My Plan (June 2021)
  18.  A drama in a genre outside of your comfort zone
  19.  A drama with a rating less than 7.5 or with less than 5000 viewers on MDL
  20.  A drama featuring a profession or lifestyle different from your own: Search (June2021)
  21.  A Baeksang award winning drama
  22.  A pre-2010 drama
  23.  A drama you have been putting off watching
  24.  A rewatch of a drama you have previously watched: My love from the stars (Feb2021)
  25.  A drama that is not korean: Terrace House (May2021)


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