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...então talvez você goste
- game company (sistem game)
- boss authoritarian and cold at first
- Boss similar to Park Seo Joon's character in What's wrong with secretary Kim?
- beautiful trips
- funny and cute drama
- Bai Lu always glorious an excellent actress, this was my first cdrama and I love it.
Recomendado por Nam So Bin - Jun 5, 2023
...então talvez você goste
- both talk about programming
- the cute, easy-going, strategist protagonist
- passion at first sight
- beautiful landscapes and photographs
- cute and cute romance
- similar questions
- The protagonist is cold and loving at the same time
Recomendado por Nam So Bin - Jun 5, 2023
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...então talvez você goste
My dear Guardian:
- military context (army)
- doctor is the main character
- Tough love of secondaries
- villain
- cute and cute romance between special forces
- similar questions
- a lot of reflection after you finish watching.
Recomendado por Nam So Bin - Jun 5, 2023
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Since there is military drama and romance in the air we are apprehensive watching it as we know deep down that we will like and become attached to the characters. 'My dear Guardian' is no different. I hope that by watching you find peace and balance in your emotions and try to calm your inner self by understanding the message that the plot wants to convey. It's a beautiful drama and my favorite to date.
Recomendado por Nam So Bin - Mar 30, 2023