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Hi! I'm Nekola.
(you can call me Nek or Neko or Nekola)
I come from a distant planet that is a little over 2.5 trillion light-years away from planet Earth (it does not come under the "universe" defined by the humans on planet Earth). However, I currently live on Earth.

About Me ??

I'm just a beginner at almost everything. Trying to work my way through, although, I have no clue where the "beginner" boundary really ends.

Since I started with J-Drama, I tend to watch more of it. However, I've recently picked up a bit of K-Drama. Apart from that, whenever I have time (or a friend strongly recommends), I watch dramas in other languages too.

I looove drama and movies with amazing character development. Personally, for me, the non-romantic chemistry between the lead actors and a fair amount of suspense is a real page-turner (orr... an "episode-turner" rather). A sprinkle of BL would be wonderful. Psychological drama and drama based on mind and death games are also definitely my thing!! A touch of comedy goes a long way too.

My First DramasMy First Movies

My Favorites

My Dream ^^

My dream is to go to the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival
of 2032/27 (Japan time)

My Rating System...

10.0 - My all-time favorites
9.50 - "Almost - there" all-time favorites
9.00 - Memorable
8.50 - Reallllly liked it
8.00 - Left something behind (in my mind/heart)
7.50 - Interesting...
7.00 - Good
6.50 - Okay-ish, on the better side
6.00 - Okay, not too bad
5.50 - Average
5.00  and Below - Barely watched it, not something that I prefer

** Disclaimer: I treat ratings and recommendations differently.

My Drama Schedule !!

Monday to Friday
Watch 2 episodes or 1 movie from my CW list, every day
Saturday and Sunday
Complete 2+ dramas from my PTW or On-hold lists
P.S. I try my best to stick to the schedule... well... usually. But I definitely enjoy the process!!


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