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┊┊* . * ✦                                                   ヽ(。ゝ∀・)☆・゚:*☆     Hi and welcome  

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Something about me:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I am Tess, an English language and literature teacher with many interests and hobbies (reading, drawing, photography, working out, fashion, philosophy, learning about languages and cultures/countries, music, skating etc. ) One of them is watching Asian dramas which is why I am here on this great website :D. I like to discover and learn interesting things which can broaden my knowledge and please me artistically. That is why Asian cinematography and their dramas made me so hooked up to them. They are also the reason why I am so interested in  Asian culture (both traditional and also modern one). ♥

about DRAMAS:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I started my journey with Japanese dramas and through them, I became a forever Arashian and jpop/jrock lover. I am multifan of many Japanese artists. 

Jdramas are my all time fav because of many reasons. I like their length and format- not too long, nor too short, original music, the authenticity of telling their stories, talented actors/actresses. I also love philosophical, cultural, and aesthetic values in Japanese cinematography. With just 45 min in 10 eps they can show a fully developed meaningful story. I am not a fan of dramas with many seasons, actors/actresses have opportunity to try various roles in one year.  Jdramas are simply my thing, they are the closest to my ♥. They are my safe place, my comfort zone. I like to return to them when I get lost in other countries' dramas. 

  • ♥ 1st Japanese drama: Challenge to Kudo Shinichi
  • ♥ 1st Japanese film: Detective Conan Live action 
  • ♥ 1st actors/actresses I knew: Junpei Mizobata, Shun Oguri, Mirei Kiritani, Maki Horikita
  • ♥ fav Japanese actors: Toma Ikuta, Kengo Kora (and much mooore :P)
  • ♥ fav Japanese actresses: Satomi Ishihara, Eiko Koike
  • ♥ fav Japanese drama: Hana Kimi, Ouroboros, Kazoku game
  • ♥ fav Japanese movie: Ningen Shikkaku,

Then I continued with some Korean dramas and  I also enjoy Korean RnB and alternative genres. I am still a novice in the Korean world. The majority of Kdramas are too long for me, with too many characters, therefore I am very picky about Kdramas. But when one catches my eyes I get really into it. I like the fashion, cool OSTs and food. I am happy to still have a lot to explore about Korea. 

  • ♥ 1st Korean drama: 
  • ♥ 1st Korean film: 
  • ♥ 1st actors/actresses I knew: Seo In Guk
  • ♥ fav Korean actors: Seo In Guk, Song Joong Ki
  • ♥ fav Korean actresses: Jung So Min
  • ♥ fav Korean drama: Smile has left your eyes, Shopping King Louie, Arthdal's chronicles
  • ♥ fav Korean movie: Method

Recently I am into Thai showbusiness and their series keeps me entertained when my hectic student life allows it. Thai sarcastic humour is my cup of coffee lol XD Thai dramas can be as crazy as Japanese, as stylish and aesthetic as Korean and Taiwanese yet stay unique and fresh. I like their format, length and actors. What I love the best about Thai dramas are their psychological, horror and thriller genres. 

  • ♥ 1st Thai drama: LBC
  • ♥ 1st Thai film: 
  • ♥ 1st actors/actresses I knew: Saint Suppapong, Perth Tanapon
  • ♥ fav Thai actors: James Teeradon, Billkin, Mew Suppasit
  • ♥ fav Thai actresses: Kitty Chicha, Baifern, Goy
  • ♥ fav Thai drama: ITSAY, Girl from Nowhere
  • ♥ fav Thai movie:

I still did not watch many dramas from Taiwan, need to check them in the future. :)

genres I like: psychological, a slice of life, mystery, fantasy, action, thriller, rom-com (but not cheesy :P)

genres I dont like: sci-fi, martial arts, historical, war (there are exceptions ofc)

ratings: I rate dramas very strictly ( I almost never give a full score :P ) and I am also quite picky about what to watch because I don't like to drop dramas/films. 

♥♥♥ for all my "favourites" you can check the section of "lists"  ♥♥♥

Alsooo I am posting caps of dramas I watch here -  And here is the link for my blog where I write occasionally but would try to write there more often about music, dramas, actors/actresses etc. If you want to get me better check it out :) 

 I've DONE this watch challenge (2020) - "only" 30 - the Medium one because I watched many dramas outside this challenge list (my choices simply don't fit into it) :P 

currently: procrastinating, clowning myself, obsessing and simping over Thailand's showbiz and studying :3 

PS: Feel free to contact me or send friend requests :)

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