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TOP 10 FAV J-ACTRESSES: my fav j-actresses are also those who i find excellent actresses. versatile, touching actresses with outstanding acting styles that are distinguishable and not always the same depending on the role. i will never make an actress a favorite one unless she is a capable one.

1st Ueto Aya
2nd Kano Miho
3rd Amami Yuki
4th Maya Miki
5th Yonekura Ryoko
6th Esumi Makiko
7th Shinohara Ryoko
8th Nakama Yukie
9th Kuroki Hitomi
10th Suzuki Kyoka

Other actresses that i think have very good acting skills in no particular order
Tabe Mikako 9/10
Alysa Mizuki9/10
Kuriyama Chiaki 8/10
Fukishi Kazue 8/10
Kuninaka Ryoko 8/10
Hirosue Ryoko 8/10
Mizukawa Asami 9/10
Nagasaku HIromi 9/10
Miyazaki Aoi 8/10
Yuu Aoi 8/10

mediocre actresses
Horikita Maki 6/10 (i like her as a person though k >< no hate here lol )
Kuroki Meisa .-5.8/10 Most stiff actress 
Kitagawa Keiko + has chances of growth - 7.5/10
Aragaki Yui - 7/10
Nagasawa Masami  6/10  (her acting style is always the same. the way she speaks is also the same.)
Suzuki Emi 6/10
Inoue Mao  7/10 ..... in tokkan her role isn't supposed to seem like a retard right? >> 
Oshima Yuko - 5/10
Fukada Kyoko - 6.8/10 
Ayase Haruka - 7/10 - most of the time she plays the same kind of role which ends up being the same as the one in hotaru no hikari. ~ 

Actresses of 1-4/10

Takei Emi 2/10 - honestly i have not seen someone trying so much and showing that she is trying to playing her role and not being it. honestly she has no real comfort when acting, if anything she is struggling with her role and trying to pass the image in a way that it is so obvious to me she is not feeling it that i just simply stop caring. her lack of style is also the worse -.-
Ayame Gouriki 4/10 - i dun't know about her but honestly, her inability to protray characters without that gaping mouth and trying to be cute is getting on my nerves. i dislike her acting style which is always the same and doesn't fit her role as much as it seems. people only see her as a cute face. it's good that she is getting roles but if she goes on acting so half-assedly it will be hard for her to grow as an actress when there is a tiny bit of petential in her.
Maeda Atsuko 4/10 - i have watched her only in one thing, Q10 which was horrible and she was also horrible in it. nothing changeable . her acting as the robot was just dumb and overdone , sometimes even fake.
Kojima Haruna 0/10 - LOL what can i say about her? it is very obvious that she has ZERO TALENT
Ponkotsu of shiritsu 1/10 - what should i note? her always same expression in the drama? her bad voice manipulation? her inability to show any real emotion? there is no style, nothing. i dun even know why they let her act. 
Kawaguchi Haruna 3/10 - another great example of flat acting. same expressions, trying too hard and it is obvious. cannot become one with her role and simply just pretends to be someone and fails. she makes it so obvious that she is pretending instead of acting, and it simply is getting rather sad and rude towards the real actors. if anything, i think that haruna might get better if she acts with the proper actors or actually gets a few lessons by great actors. 
kiritani mirei 4/10  - what can i say about mirei? her similar way of speaking for almost every role but the arakawa under the bridge? her inability to properly portray emotions? her similar expressions? the lack of style? she can't project her role. she doesn't become the role . she has a good flow in some scenes where she has to do things that she would do in real life as well. when she plays role similar to her slightly crazy personality, she does a bit better but this once again can't be considered acting.

An actress who i cannot give a score to, is shida mirai. 
I have realized that shida copies acting styles of others. being a child actress, she learned and copied the styles of others. however sometimes this works well, and sometimes it just utterly sucks. i have watched a lot of her dramas, seeing as i used to think that she is good however until a while ago and after getting more familiar with acting, i realized her weaknesses. even until now, shida lacks her own style. she struggles sometimes and sometimes it just comes out so easily. I think her best work was in blackboard? it was not that great but it was clearly a style that she had worked on. i certainly think that if she searches more what she can do without copying other styles she will become much better.

Another actress who i cannot give a score to is, Toda Erika

why? simply because toda herself has explained that she will act the way the director says and that she will never do her own thing. this means that sometimes if the director knows his job and what he is doing, she will be great but if the director is mediocre she will be mediocre. this is something she had said in an interview before SPEC 2 started airing. she has no style of her own she lacks. :|
Top 10 favorite J-actors (same with j-actresses . i will not make a j-actor my fav unless they have top skills. )

1) Ohno Satoshi
2) Ninomiya Kazunari
3) Matsumoto Jun
4) Oguri Shun
5) Sakai Masato
6) Abe Hiroshi
7) Sasaki Kuranosuke
8) Takenouchi Yutaka
9) Tanabe Seichi
10) Fujiki Naohito

other great j-actors

kimura takuya
katori shingo
inagaki goro
Sakurai Sho
nagase tomoya

ishigaki yuma

sawamura ikki

narimiya hiroki

namase katsuhisa

oda yuji

sugimoto tetta

kitaoji kinya


ariel lin
rainie yang
barbie hsu

taiwanese actresses i enjoy 

tia li
megan lai

taiwanese actors i love 

show luo
roy chiu
mike he

What kind of dramas i will not bother to watch:
1) from now on every romance k-drama is out of my list.i will feel like i am watching  mexican/brazilian/argentinian/Peruvian/Venezualian telenovelas lolol there is always a poor girl not interested in money, a rich woman interested in money, a rich man who is a bastard , a good guy who never gets the girl and suffers for years, the woman gets betrayed at some point lol someone gets killed and someone dies.

2) utterly anything that has the bad guy getting the CLUMSY IDIOT GIRL is simply idiotic and not worthy of my time. i think it is dumb to think that women fall for the bad guys. Oh yes because it is so attractive when the guy you meet treats you almost like dirt so of course you fall in love at first sight and then he does too EVEN THOUGH HE IS A PLAYBOY WHO LIKES FLIRTING ALL WOMEN and then of course he keeps not telling you how he feels and then of course you cry and you cry because he is mean to you. AND MIRACULOUSLY HIS BAD NATURE IS NO LONGER AS BAD CAUSE, OH YEAH HE HAS A TRAGIC PAST ...a vicious female betrayed him OR she died, or sth else lololol  -_- utterly dumb in so many ways. so because he went through this you are like supposed to feel sorry for him, this way you end up excusing his sometimes HUMILIATING BEHAVIOR. -_- 

3) i will not watch a drama where the acting style of the main actress is always the same. i do not care to see actors play the same way and speak the same way over and over, this is not what keeps me watching. sure some people think that it is great acting, I don't. when your style is the same with everyone for everything, you are not a really good actor. and k-dramas have this thing about them so this is why i dun bother~ and won;t bother from now on -.-. God's Quiz 4 is the only k-drama that i will watch once it is out~

4) i am awkward when people i do not know send me friendrequests, i have no intentions of starting gathering dramalist friends in order to get to some huge number and break records LOL so unless u think that u can relate to me , do not send friend requests please because i do not wish to be collected as a friend just to make someone's list bigger . i am not a very pleasant person sometimes >.< . if you are an arashi fan >.> the moment u ask me about my OTP , i will   never answer cause it might start a fight over how dumb it is to have OTP's of real life people. 

5) another thing, anything cross dressing or body switching plot, i will ignore it o_o these type of dramas have become cliche somehow and honestly the girls looking like a guy, dun look like a guy at all. they used to be fun but now everyone is doing it + it's boring

6) i enjoy taiwanese dramas when i have nothing else to watch and usually after watching something heavy. hoewever i end up giving up on them if they are highly cliche and with mediocre acting.


And now to something else about me

I dislike plastic faces

Few Korean actresses I actually like for their natural face~ 
Song Hye Kyo
Jeon Ji Hyun
Park Shin Hye 
i know for a fact that haven't had done

Now for the taiwanese list

Rainie Yang
Tia Li
Ariel Lin
Amber Kuo
Tiffany Hsu
Barbie Hsu
i dun really have a top 10

Most Beautiful Japanese women go according to how pretty they are and how they never look different under the photoshop crazy/stupid ppl of magaz.  (for example ayase haruka doesn't always look the same in magazines and mainly because they photoshop way too much to make her look good)

1) Ueto Aya (her natural smile and the fact that even though she has a scar under her lip from when she fell , she never did anything to remove it and kept it on her face showing that she is confident about her face and beauty )

2) Kanno Miho (beautiful )

3) Ishihara Satomi ( unique trademark lips lol xD )

4) Kuninaka Ryoko  (no matter her age she looks pretty and classic and cute) 

5) Mizukawa Asami ( she is over 30 but she is gorgeous )

6) Tabe Mikako

7) Fukishi Kazue


My list doesn't have to do with what kind of roles someone takes. Honestly I will never judge an actress from the nature of her role. For example if she played a murderer in a drama [like fukada kyoko] it would be completely dumb to hate the actress herself for what her role did. i am fairly able to tell the difference between a fucking STORY and reality. If you judge actors and actresses because of that you are clearly messed up. Sorry to tell you this but you probably have a hard time recognizing reality. go get checked.


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