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huge fan of kpop cdramas kdramas 

and love cliché love and stuff cause its cuteeeee

How I give my ratings:
below 5 - not my cup of tea & dropped it
5 - not worth my time
5.5 - very bland and forgettable
6 -okayy
6.5 - tolerable
7 - so-so,
7.5 -normal kinda love it
8 -love some parts and keep going back for it
8.5 -loving it not everything but always go back for few parts
9 -either obsessed with some parts or love the romance or concept
9.5 -cant talk about the obsession either tooooo good or the plot is aamzingggg
10 - will always go back to it amazing my loveee usually (probably goanna be romance dramas cause i live for them)

the drama i live for - a familiar stranger and hidden love and derailment

the drama of the year ever since i started watching dramas. 

2021-falling into your smile and crush (might sound crazy but there's just something about it i cannot forget)

2022-lighter and princess and love like the galaxy

2023-hidden love, when i fly towards you, exclusive fairytale , here we meet again and finally fireworks of my heart  (this year was amazing)

2024-expecting something amazing 


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