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♥ warm under covers watching dramas ♥


♥ warm under covers watching dramas ♥
"I wish I hated you... 
I wish that weren't true
Wish there was worse to you
Wish there was worse to me..."
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Hello! My name is Shadi but on the internet I go by the name of Shiro! Shiro means white in Japanese! I have been watching dramas from 2019! My first ever drama I watched was Andante! Ever since I was in highschool,  I have an obsession with Asian cultures around the world and I first got introduced to anime! But  later on, my cousin introduced me to the world of dramas! And ever since then, I have been watching dramas nonstop! (recently I have been playing Apex so I slacked off on dramas) 

Feel free to send me a message to be friends and talk about Dramas and Anime! We can also talk about other things as well! 

Hope we can all be friends and talk about dramas together! 

Have a good day, stay smiley and stay safe


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OST I die for <3

Shiro's top 10 favorite dramas <3
♥︎ 1- It's Okay To Not Be Okay ♥︎

♥︎ Let me tell you a story about how I have watched this show, 17 times.  I am not joking when I say 17 times. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this show because... It teaches you that you have to be gentle and kind to people no matter how much they are rude to you. This show helped me cure my depression too and also Queen Jang Gyuri is also in this show. (is it just me or is everyone upset ever since she let fromis?) ♥

♥︎ 2- Yumi's Cells ♥︎

♥︎ I will not stop rambling on and on about how effing good this show was! I am currently watching season 2 but oh...  I just loved this show and the ending made me ball my fucking eyes out like a baby♥

♥︎ 3- Andante ♥︎

♥︎ Andante has a very special place in my heart because without this show I would not have been into dramas in the first place... I cried a lot watching this show ngl but I loved everything about it ♥

♥︎ 4- Bad Buddy ♥︎

♥︎ When i started this show, I had just broken up with my boyfriend and I need a BL to watch to wash away the tears and let me say that this show really helped me move on from the toxic vibes of my ex so ya gurl is single and living her life ♥

♥︎ 5- Lawless Lawyer ♥︎

♥︎ I think this show is one of the best law shows to have ever existed! If you like a law gangster show with comedy as well, this is for you! Bong Sang Pil is a dream boat waiting to be kissed on the lips by♥

♥︎ 6- Mr Confidence Man JP ♥︎

♥︎ I have not laughed as much as I have to Mr Confidence Man. It is a funny hidden gem that needs more recognition! Believe me when I say I rolled around on the ground ♥

♥︎ 7- Mystic Pop Up Bar ♥︎

♥︎ This is a show where people barely talk about and I think it's very underrated! If you like modern historical dramas, kinda like Hotel del Luna, give this a go!♥

♥︎ 8- Hotel Del Luna ♥︎

♥︎ Queen IU stepped up her acting game in this drama! I loved the aesthetics of this show and also I loved loved LOVED Yeo Jin Goo's appearance as Jang Man Wol's assistant

♥︎ 9- W ♥︎

♥︎ Ever since the age of 17, I have loved Lee Jong Suk and everything he does but I think one of the best shows he's starred in as to be W! I mean can this man get any hotter?! ♥

♥︎ 10- Given ♥︎

♥︎ It is the drama version of the anime Given! I loved everything about this show but i just wish the ending was a bit different ♥


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