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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 chinese drama review
The Blue Whisper: Part 1
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by solyen
Mai 15, 2022
22 of 22 episódios vistos
No geral 6.5
História 6.0
Atuação/Elenco 8.0
Musical 10.0
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Visually lush and musically pleasing

Initially I imagined that with a super cast and a spectacular director the drama would be quite enjoyable, but the best word to describe this drama is disappointment.
The biggest annoyance is the dubbing. I've never watched a Chinese drama where the dubbing was of such low quality. Some small errors are acceptable, but the amount of scenes in which the mouth and voice are not synchronized is exorbitant. It's unpleasant to watch a drama in which the mouth moves by the actress and the voice is by the actor and vice versa. There was a lack of care in the editing of the drama in this regard.
The script is not captivating, until the end of the first season did not say what it came to. The characters do not conquer, as they have ambiguous personalities. Until the final scene, I can't say precisely who is fighting for a just cause.
The performances are good, but far below others performed by the same actors. Regarding the romantic couples, I didn't feel any "chemistry" between them.
The CGI is impeccable, the soundtrack extremely pleasant and the costumes exuberant.
In short, I got to the end without having a single laugh and without shedding a single tear.
Perhaps in the second part the gaps will be closed and I will be able to praise the work of actors and director that I cherish so much.
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