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The Dangerous Lover chinese drama review
The Dangerous Lover
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by Shasha
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Dangerous Lover

Another quality short drama: I have to give it to them, they are good at making these. They are short, to the point with excellent plots which does not get lost in the side characters' shenanigans.

There is nothing very original about this drama: imperial palace backstabbings involving, this time, a general's sister and a disgraced prince. Due to a premonition dream (? game? whatever!) she thinks that he is going to kill her brothers. But as the events develop, nothing is actually what it seems to be. The plot is interesting with many red herrings, misunderstandings and lies.

How come there is anybody alive in these courts after a week spent there: everyone's favourite pastime seems to be poisoning each other?
The General with his fake beard looks like a pre-teen pretending to be Daddy? He looks more like a comic relief character than a "plotter in chief" that he is!
The main couple were cute and had nice chemistry. The music was nice but same as in every other short drama, unremarkable! Production values are rather high: pretty costumes, nice breeze blowing on sets, nice fight choreography.

This is definitely my LAST c drama. No more! I cannot....
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