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My love for Asian dramas began in 2006 when I watched my first jdrama. For many years, I only watched Japanese dramas, and they are still my favorite, but nowadays I also watch Korean, Thai, Taiwanese and Pinoy dramas.

My favorite genres/themes are:

  • mystery/suspense
  • thriller
  • crime
  • cooking/food
  • family dramas
  • forbidden love 
  • slice of life
  • LGBT themes

What my ratings mean:

10 - Amazing! A masterpiece or something that particularly touched me.
9/9.5 - Great! Almost perfect, something I greatly enjoyed
8/8.5 - Very good! Very enjoyable, might watch these again.
7/7.5 - Good. Fun to watch, but nothing special.
6/6.5 - Okay. Mostly forgettable, but has one or two things I enjoyed.
5/5.5 - Average. Not good, but not bad either. Utterly forgettable.
4/4.5 - Slightly bad. Mostly forgettable, but has one or two things I disliked.
3/3.5 - Bad. Nothing good about it, but still not total trash.
1.5/2/2.5 - Terrible. Very, very bad, but there are still 1-2 things (music or acting etc) that are tolerable.
1 - Just awful. Nothing redeeming about it.

A lot of dramas on my list don't have ratings. This is because I lost all my stats when deleted their domain. I managed to reconstruct most of my database, but since it's been years since I've seen some of that stuff, I feel it wouldn't be fair to rate it now.

Favorite Japanese dramas

Favorite Korean dramas

Favorite BLs

Favorite actors

Favorite actresses


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