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If you see me online, assume the worst.


If you see me online, assume the worst.

Chaotic bio ahead, but does have a lot of info. I basically use MDL to save info. 

Link to my custom lists <-

Requests are approved if we watch similar stuff. I just check whether you have watched any good Bromance drama, Jdramas or BLs and approve if you have. Some other stuff is possible too but that's the important ones.

  • Preferably also be considerate, kindhearted and empathic. 


My genres: Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Fantasy, Wuxia, Xanxia and Supernatural.

My tags: Bromance, Time Travel,  Crossdressing, Identity Switch, Amnesia and Hidden Identity. 

I also like ''enemies to lovers” tag in the sense that  “people on opposing sides of a conflict fall in love” and not “an abuser/murderer and their personal victim fall in love”. 

I watch a mix of Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean dramas. Don't really have a preference on that. I check Sageuk (historical)  and occasionally Makjang (melodrama). Am looking for when I have enough time to finally start an NHK Asadora (serial tv drama) and Taiga (historical) jdrama (specifically jidaigeki for Edo stuff). 


Drama moments that live in my subconcious: 

Any recommendations are welcome ~( ̄∇ ̄)~

Some of the stuff watched this year:

Haiiro no Otome

Tengu no Daidokoro

Messo mo Nai (2024)

1. The Music Chapter 

Am currently kpop multifan but also listen to Japanese music (Kayōkyoku and Jpop)

Boy groups:

Older Korean (post-trot): 


New Korean: 

CIX, Imfact, Ateez, BTS, EXO, AB6IX, TXT, Treasure, The Boyz, Seventeen, Stray Kids, Monsta X, GOT7, NCT, Wanna One, X1, ONEUS, KINGDOM, MCND, SuperM, A.C.E, iKON, LUCY, Verivery, onf, Astro, MCND. OnlyOneOf, Cross gene, MASC, TRCNG, Lucy, UNVS, EPEX, Golden Child, OMEGA X, TO1, Victon, Nu'est, BDC, JO1, DRIPPIN, VAV, DKZ, P1Harmony, BZ-Boys, MIRAE, B1A4  


Fahrenheit, F4, Top Combine, R1SE, UNINE, CORE ONE, BOY STORY, CATCHERS, ONER, XNINE, SpeXial, NEX7, Team Spark, Mr. Tyger, MIC, UNINE, TNT/时代少年团




Enjin, King Gnu, V6, Sumika, INTERSECTION, I don't like mondays, Fuji Kaze, Millenium Parade, back number. King & Prince, sumika, Hige Dandism, 原因は自分にある,  Da-Ice, MAN WITH A MISSION, A.B.C-Z, M!LK, 少年隊


Sevenlight, Ninety One 

Single artist: 

Cmusic: Show Luo, Cai Kun, Lay, 楊宇騰YU, Anti-General, 宮閣 GONG, Leo王, 大淵MUTA

Kmusic: Jung Jinwoo, DINDIN, Gaho, WooSung, DEMIAN, DPR IAN, Block B, Jung Yong Hwa, DPR LIVE, KIM WOOJIN, WOODZ, Kim Yo Han, Kim Woo Seok, Max Changmin, KIHYUN

Jmusic: 宮本浩次, mafumafu, Harumaki Gohan, Vicke Blanka, Fuji Kaze, Galileo Galilei, 米津玄師, ALI, Yutaka Furukawa, Gen Hoshino, 空音, Vaundy, Tatsuya Kitani, masayoshi oishi, 川口レイジ, Ayumu Imazu

Older Jmusic: 

Hagiwara Kenichi  & Sawada Kenji  (ショーケン × ジュリー), The Checkers (チェッカーズ)

Wild costume idols:

及川光博 , Sawada Kenji (沢田 研二)

Girl groups: 


SISTAR, Girl's Day, TWICE (Yes or Yes), IZ*ONE (Panorama), GFRIEND (Flower), Red Velvet (Russian Roulette), Mamamoo (HIP), EVERGLOW (LA DI DA), GWSN (Moon Puzzle), Dreamcatcher (BOCA), MOMOLAND (Ready or Not), Cignature (ASSA), (G)Idle (Lion), CLC (ME), Apink (Dumhdurum), 3YE (QUEEN), Fanxy Red, Cherry Bullet (Love so Sweet), Purple Kiss (Zombie), fromis_9, Brave Girls (Rollin). Weeekly (Tag Me), OH MY GIRL (Dun Dun Dance), Weki Meki (Cool), 4minute (Crazy), StayC (ASAP), ELRIS (pow pow), TRI.BE (DOOM DOOM TA), Pink Fantasy (poison), PRISTIN V (Get it), Ladies' Code (Bad Girl), Crayon pop (bar bar bar), T-ara, KARA (Mamma Mia), SPICA (Secret Time), SONAMOO (I (knew it)), Weki Meki (Cool), SECRET NUMBER (Got that boom), BVNDIT (Jungle), WJSN THE BLACK (Easy), ARIAZ ( Moonlight Aria), Limesoda (WAVE), gugudan (SEMINA), SONAMOO (I like u too much), NATURE (Some), S.I.S. ( Say Yes) PurpleBeck (crystal ball), Ladies' Code (set me free), 3YE (stalker), ShaFLA (ddu-ru), Blue fox (wake me up), Hot issue (icons), SPICA (secret time), CLASS:y (CLASSY), G-reyish (Blood Night), FIFTY FIFTY (higher), ARTBEAT (magic), CSR (Ticon), woo!ah! (Rollercoaster), LE SSERAFIM (Impurities), ICHILLIN’ (Draw), LIMELIGHT (Starlight), H1-KEY (Run), IRRIS (Wanna Know), MAKAMAKA (I am), Kep1er (Mirror), mimiirose (Rose), Dreamcatcher (Vision), I.O.I (Pick Me)


SNH48, S.H.E. , AOS, A2A, Super Girls, MERA, THE9


Morning Musume, BAND-MAID, Pink Lady, LADYBABY, the peggies, Charisma *dot* com. ,ExWHYZ, Pimm's, TRiDENT

Very cutesy:

#ババババンビ, ≠ME, BEYOOOOONDS, Juice=Juice, cerisier



Single artists:

Jmusic online: AIMER, n-buna, Yoasobi, Ado, Yama, Phantasm in March, nowisee, Zutomayo, Honeyworks, DAOKO, ミテイノハナシ / Aru, 雄之助/Yunosuke, 可不(KAFU), ロス

Jmusic pop: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Reol, Hikaru Utada,  水曜日のカンパネラ, majiko, Chanmina, Ichiko Aoba, eill. TOMOO, ELAIZA, milet, LiSA, a子, Superfly, 花澤香菜, Maaya Sakamoto, 小倉 唯, iri

Old Jmusic: Masako Mori, Momoe Yamaguchi, Mayumi Asaka, Miki Matsubara, 中森明菜, Seiko Matsuda, Mai Yamane, KIX-S, Pink Lady, Tatsuro Yamashita


Cmusic: 音阙诗听, 李芷婷Nasi, G.E.M.鄧紫棋, 艾薇Ivy, 周深 Charlie Zhou Shen

Tmusic: Jolin Tsai


Fhana, Cody・Lee(李), 東京事変, JYOCHO

2. Miscellaneous info Chapter

My first dramas:

First Kdrama: Sungkyunkwan scandal 

First Cdrama : The Untamed

First Jdrama: Doki no Sakura

First Tdrama: Bromance

First Lakorn: Taddao Bussaya

First BL: Tharntype

First HK drama: Al Cappuccino

First Myanmar BL: Healing Thingyan

Kdrama couple awards M/M (and first F/F):

2008- Painter Of The Wind (Moon Geun Young - Moon Chae Won)

2011- Sunkyung scandal (Song Jong Ki & Yoo An In)

2015- The producer (Kim Soo Hyun & Cha Tae Hyun)

2015- Kill me, Heal Me (Ji Sung & Park Seo-joon)

2017- Chief Kim (Junho & Namkoong)

Chinese novel information:

  • Chinese authors I know: MXTX, Priest, Meatbun
  • Novels danmei (BL): MDZS, TGCF, Di Wang Gong Lue, Sha Po Lang, The Husky and His White Cat Shizun, Scumbag System, Lie Huo Jiao Chou, SaYe, Qiye
  • Novels baihe (GL): JWQS, FGEP

Fave BL-vibe song videos:

Shadow Kiss - MeseMoa.

libidO - OnlyOneOf

Attention - UP10TION 


Please don't... - K.will

DDARA - Golden Child



優里 『ベテルギウス』

Fave seiyuus (Japanese voice-actors):

Miyano Mamoru

Aoi Shouta

Iconic kpop songs:

Jungle - CIX

Spider - Hoshi

Forbidden island - Ha Sung Woon

Red Moon- Kim Woo Seok

Fave kdrama OSTs:

Jung Yong Hwa I got Ya

Car the garden Empty 

BiBi Timeless

DinDin Keep going 

LEDApple Smile Again

Fave Chinese OST singers:

周深/ Zhou Shen 

棉子/ Mian Zi


毛不易/ Mao Buyi

萨吉/ Sa Ji

鄭秋泓/ Zheng Qiu Hong

Fave composers:

本間勇輔 / Yūsuke Honma

Vietnamese BL dramas:

FOOLs 2021

You are Ma boy 

My Brother

Follow My Sunshine

Rival, I Love You

Nation's Brother


Indian BL dramas:

The Sting of Lavender

Non-MDL  acting people:

Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Kivanc tatlitug

Indian/Pakistani movies/series:

Pehli Si Muhabbat

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (romance movie)

Romil & Jugal (BL)

Tamizh Padam (comedy)

3 idiots (comedy)

Sholay (masala)

My drama backstory:

Watched a few episodes of a k-drama on Youtube but went back to watching anime. Years later in 2019 I found an donghua (C-anime) with a shounen-ai tag on an anime site which was unusual. Turned out it was MDZS and I consumed all related content soon after which included the C-drama The Untamed. I then continued C-dramas with Eternal Love and the Guardian. This brought me to k-dramas like Coffee Prince and t-dramas like Bromance. Finally I watched the BL-showTharntype. Now I watch content from all countries.

My kpop backstory:

I've known SHINEE, Girls Generation, 2NE1 and  Big Bang for as long as I can remember. I did actively follow certain Japanese music artists too though and also used to listen to vocaloid before moving onto utaite. Later I watched Red Velvet and started listening to the new gen of kpop. Finally watched an NCT MV and this made me fan of basically most kpop groups.

 Manzai I know of (comedy duos):

とんねるず / Tunnels (80s)
ウッチャンナンチャン / Ucchan Nanchan (90s)

ダウンタウン / Downtown (90s)

平成ノブシコブシ / Nobukobu (2000s)
Variety skits that I remember:

14-11-2020 -> got into Johnny's jpop fandom (Hey! Say! Jump (bias: Okamoto Keito) and Arashi)

Favorite ⭐SMAP⭐ jpop songs:

  • 青いイナズマ / aoi inazuma (hype)
  • オリジナルスマイル / original smile (hype)
  • ダイナマイト / dynamite (hype)
  • 失くしたり見つけたりのEveryday (hype)
  • がんばりましょう(hype)
  • KANSHAして (hype)
  • Let it be
  • 雨がやまない
  • 感じやすい不機嫌 
  • fly (higher take)
  • A Day in the life
  • それが僕の答え
  • 君は君だよ
  • Can't Stop!! -LOVING- (debut)

Member of these clubs on MDL:

 ~ ・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・ ~  ~ ・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・ ~ ~ ・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  

Made by Sooda, a friend of mine ~


 ~ ・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・ ~  ~ ・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿       ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・ ~ ~ ・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  
Favorite donghua:  Scumbag System, Thousand Autumns, Dinghai Fusheng Lu and Legend of Exorcism.

J-entertainment: Teru To Taizo, Pikaru no Teiri, Gaki no Tsukai, 進ぬ!電波少年  and Shimura Kens work.

Literature genres:

  • 私小説 (I-romance)
  • 純文学 (Junbungaku/pure literature)

Shoujo Mags:

Hana to Yume /花とゆめ



Margaret /マーガレット(1963)


Old shoujo:

  • Anmitsu Hime/あんみつ姫 (1949)
  • Nakayoshi Notebook/仲よし手帖 (1940)
  • Portrait of Pia/ピアの肖像  (1964)
  • Attack No. 1 /アタックNo.1 (1968) - first volleybal shoujo
  • Fire!/ファイヤー! (1969) - 水野英子 (first rock dude ML)


  • このBLがやばい! 2020年度版

Info on influential early BL-sorta manga post-70s:

  • Sunroom Nite/サンルームにて - 竹宮 惠子  (1970) - RIP dude 
  • Poe clan/ポーの一族 - 萩尾望都 (1972) ~Vampire
  • Thomas's Heart/トーマの心臓 - 萩尾望都 (1974) ~RIP dude
  • Eve no Musukotachi/イブの息子たち -青池 保子 (1975) ~ Its certainly unique
  • 11 Nin Iru!/11人いる!- 萩尾望都 (1975) ~its  scifi with a type of trans-romance
  • Kaze to Ki no Uta/風と木の詩 - 竹宮 惠子 (1976) ~Sad and dark story 
  • Eroika/エロイカより愛をこめて - 青池保子(1976) ~ Unrequited love
  • Fairy King/妖精王 - 山岸凉子 (1977) ~ Fantasy, kinda sus 
  • Mari and Shingo/ 摩利と新吾 - 木原敏江 (1977) ~ its complicated, Meiji-era
  • Tera e.../地球へ… - 竹宮惠子 (1977) ~Space opera bromance
  • Patalliro/パタリロ! (1978) ~ Fantasy-world spies
  • Hiizuru Tokoro no Tenshi/日出処の天子 - 山岸凉子 (1980) ~ Unrequited love x10
  • 南京路に花吹雪 - 森川久美  (1981) (本郷 & 黄) ~China bromance
  • Marginal/マージナル - 萩尾望都 (1985) ~Problematicly dark  male-only world 
  • Banana Fish - 吉田 秋生 (1985) ~ Sad but iconic
  • 夜も、昼も G-Boys, Be Ambitious - 椎隆子 (1986) - love triangle rockstar dude roommates
  • Strawberry Decadent/ 兼次おじさまシリーズ - 本橋馨子 (1986) ~sad cousins
  • Don't Die from Violence/バイオレンスで死にな- 本橋馨子 (1986) - sad detectives 
  • Ai no Kusabi / 間の楔 - 吉原理恵子 (1987) ~Elitist alt-world
  • Earthian - 高河ゆん (1988) (Shoujo) ~alt-world angel romance
  • Bronze/Zetsuai-1989- / 絶愛-1989-BRONZE (1989) ~Weird rockstar (同人シー breakthrough)

  • Tokyo Babylon -Clamp (1990) - Magic-fight dudes 
  • 第三の帝国/3 Empire - 本橋馨子 (1990) - Why Japan, why
  • Lucky Boy/幸運男子 -高口 里純 (1991) ~Step-bros
  • Dangerous Striker/あぶないストライカー - 本橋馨子 (1991) -Soccer dude
  • Kizuna: Bonds of Love - こだか和麻 (1992) ~ Yakuza drama
  • Takumi-kun/タクミくんシリーズ  (1992) - School dudes
  • Cruel Reigns/残酷な神が支配する (1992) ~ Dark Abuse
  • Fish in the Trap/おさかなはあみの中 (1993) - Highschool swimteam 
  • Im a Rose/僕は薔薇 - 原田 智子 (1994)  ~Ballet
  • Fake/フェイク (1994) ~ NY Cop
  • Lets go to school/学校へ行こう- 國居亨 (1994) ~Age gap teacher
  • Heavenly Love, Earthly Love/天上の愛 地上の恋 - 加藤知子(1994) - Historical EU dudes
  • Fujimi Orchestra/富士見二丁目交響楽団 (1994) - The violin dude
  • NY NY/ニューヨーク・ニューヨーク - 羅川真里茂 (1995) (LGBT) ~ Cop & Civilian
  • Yatteranneeze/やってらんねェぜ!(1995) ~Opposite characters attract
  • Kimera/キメラ (1995) ~ The andro vampire one lol
  • Mirage of Blaze/炎の蜃気楼 (1995)~ The reincarnation of sengoku dude
  • LOVE MODE (1996) ~ Problematic + SA scene
  • Gravitation/グラビテーション - Maki Murakami (1996) ~Singer & Novelist 
  • Descendants of Darkness/闇の末裔 (1996) (Shoujo) ~Shinigami thing idk, gateway to BL
  • Shout out Loud! / 叫んでやるぜ! (1996) ~Voice-actor father
  • TOMOI - 秋里和国 (1996) ~ sad doctor dude
  • この恋はハードボイルド/This love is hard-boiled - 依田沙江美 (1997) ~Age gap novelist 
  • Beauty & Beast/ 美男と野獣 -本橋馨子 (1997) ~Dude who acts like cat
  • Neighbours/ネイバーズ -本橋馨子 (1997) ~Self-proclaimed alien-dude and detective
  • Eerie Queerie! /ゴースト!  (1999) (Shoujo) ~Psychic dude love triangle
  • Embracing Love/春を抱いていた (1999)~AV partners
  • Antique Bakery/西洋 骨董 洋菓子店 (1999) - BL-elements bakery
  • Running through Midnight/真夜中を駆けぬける -依田 沙江美 (1999) ~Coping with cheating
  • Small Glass Sky/小さなガラスの空 - 山田ユギ(2000) ~ School
  • Junjou Romantica (2002)
  • Hey, Class President! / 生徒会長に忠告 - (2003) ~Dark scenes, classmates
  • Dear Green/ディア・グリーン (2003) ~Roommates 
  • Kuma to Interi/クマとインテリ - オノ・ナツメ (2004) ~Modern Italian politics
  • Gerard and Jack/ジェラ-ルとジャック (2004) ~ French revolution
  • Foreign Love Affair/異国色恋浪漫譚 (2004) ~Boat love 
  • Gengetsurou Kitan/幻月楼奇譚 - 今市子 (2004) ~Traditional dudes
  • The Tyrant Falls in Love/恋する暴君 - 高永 ひなこ  (2004) ~problematic researcher
  • Gakuen Heaven (2004) - School
  • Mouse dreams of cheese/窮鼠はチーズの夢を見る (2004) ~older dudes
  • Tenohira no Constellation/てのひらの星座 (2005) ~Problematic cousins 
  • We are Sunny/晴れてボクたちは - 山本 小鉄子 (2005) ~Childhood friends
  • Selfish Kitchen/わがままキッチン (2005) ~ Love troubles 
  • Golden Days/ゴールデン・デイズ (2005) ~BL-elements
  • Maiden Rose/百日の薔薇 (2005) ~Knights 
  • Tonari no 801-chan/となりの801ちゃん (2006) ~NOT BL but relevant
  • Classmate/同級生 (2006) ~ School
  • I don't have time to dream/夢を見るヒマもない (2006) ~College roommates reunite
  • Butler's Privilege/執事の特権 (2006) ~Butler 
  • The World's Greatest First Love/世界一初恋 〜小野寺律の場合 (2006) ~Editors 
  • Seven Days/セブンデイズ (2007) - The week of dating 
  • Kuimonodokoro Myoraku/くいもの処 明楽 (2007) - Bar dude
  • Kiss Blue/キスブルー - 木下けい子 (2007) ~friends to lovers 
  • Tango no Otoko/タンゴの男 (2007) - Tango dude
  • Doki Doki Renai/ドキドキレンアイ (2007) -Roommate friends to lovers 
  • Theres nothing to do about it/どうしようもないけれど- (2007) ~ リーマンstory
  • Kinou nani tabeta/きのう何食べた? - よしながふみ (2007) ~Couple making food
  • No Touching at all/どうしても触れたくない  (2007) ~Office co-workers
  • Signal/シグナル (2007) - Bar dude and Office-worker
  • Stratosphere Light/成層圏の灯 (2007 ~Photo model 
  • Sentimental Garden Lover/センチメンタルガーデンラバー (2008) ~Cat dude
  • イルミナシオン/Illumination - ヤマシタトモコ (2008) ~Love triangle sorta? 
  • Arashi no Ato/嵐のあと - 日高ショーコ (2008) ~Business partners
  • In the middle of love/恋のまんなか(2008) ~Lonely classmates 
  • I want to talk about love/恋の話がしたい (2008) - Newly dating couple 
  • Whereabouts of Future Memories/未来の記憶風の行方 (2008) ~Post night-stand relationship
  • ほんと野獣/Honto Yajuu (2008) ~Police + Yakuza
  • When eat strawberry on top?/てっぺんの苺いつ食べる? - 山田ユギ (2023) ~cooking
  • Harenai Sekai de Kimi Dake Mieru/晴れない世界で君だけ見える (2023)
  • Let's meet in the land of romance/浪漫のお国で逢いましょう- 木下けい子 (2013) ~ Taisho teacher

First magazine related to BL: JUNE (October 1978)

Influential early authors of aestheticism (groundworks of BL)

Mari Mori/ 森 茉莉, Yukio Mishima/三島 由紀夫, Taruho Inagaki/稲垣 足穂, Lee Kwang-soo/이광수 [사랑인가]

Influential illustrators for BL development

Lyrical illustrations (jojō-ga / 叙情画):

高畠華宵/Takabatake Kasho, 石原豪人 / Ishihara Gōjin 

Shoujo style: 高橋真琴 /Makoto Takahashi

Mangaka (including a few 24年組):

Hagio Moto, Takemiya Keiko, 山岸 凉子 / Ryoko Yamagishi (GL),  高橋真琴 /Makoto Takahashi (Shoujo)

Anime related:

Anime movies: Ride your Wave, Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms, Children of the sea

Anime fantasy genre for female audience:

Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei

Tsundere Akuyaku Reijou Liselotte to Jikkyou no Endou-kun to Kaisetsu no Kobayashi-san

Akuyaku Reijou nano de Last Boss wo Kattemimashita


Higeki no Genkyou to Naru Saikyou Gedou Last Boss Joou wa Tami no Tame ni Tsukushimasu.

Loop 7-kaime no Akuyaku Reijō wa, Moto Tekikoku de Jiyū Kimamana Hanayome Seikatsu o Mankitsu Suru

The Villainess's Guide To (Not) Falling In Love

Manga/Manwha fantasy genre for female audience:

Sister, I Am the Queen in This Life

What Happens When the Second Male Lead Goes on Strike

Watcheable BL anime media

Doukyuusei, Given, Umibe no Etranger, Sasaki to miyano, Kyo kara maoh

Random Korean words: Jeonha, Pyeha, Daebi-mama, Noraebang 

Thai myth stuff: Himavanta, Naga, Kinnara, Garuda

Chinese songs: 

Chopstick Brothers - Little Apple/筷子兄弟 -- 小苹果

Japanese historical job-titles:

東豎子(あずまわらわ・東嬬) - Azumawarawa

For adding Trailers to MDL

Pictured above are the HOB boys! Hope to see them in a live-action soon. 520 1314! Come on 2022!! 
这是武侠的世界吗? 扶我起来, 我还能磕!
^ Word of Honor Reference 

Relevant terms: 
Dangai: 耽改
Danmei: 耽美 
Opponent: 清朗行动 
Bromance: 兄弟情
Pure Love: 纯爱 

Fave football players of 2022:
Cho Gue-sung
Tanaka Ao

First ever MLM romance Kabuki play:

Elisabetta Sirani
Marie-Gabrielle Capet 

2020 favorite BLs:

CountryDrama name 
ThailandUntil We Meet Again
PinoyLike in the movies
JapanCherry Magic
KoreaWhere Your Eyes Linger
China/Taiwan Because of You 
VietnamSau vat nang 

2021 favorite BLs:

CountryDrama name
ThailandA Tale of Thousand Stars
PinoyHeartBreak Mountain
JapanKieta Hatsukoi
KoreaColor Rush
China/TaiwanWe Best Love: No 1 for You

Clubs and movements on MDL: 

One of the few on MDL with a drama graph in the form of a fighter jet (*⌒ヮ⌒*)
Reminder for myself: The snacks in Coffee Prince are called Papico

Contact me at: UsagiRR

No but seriously just send me DMs if necessary.


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