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I started watching j-dramas over 15 years ago (ouch, time flies...oh, btw, I've been a member at  jdorama dot com for over 10 years and I've written many reviews there, which I mostly copied&pasted here as well) first dorama was "1 lt. no Namida". I also watch movies, but not as often. Meanwhile I've watched over 300 J-dramas (ranging from 1994 to the present). Being a straight guy, I'm particularly interested in actresses. I'm not a big fan of the recent "westernization" of the J-dramas scene, and that's one of the reasons why, lately, I've become more and more interested in C-dramas (another reason is that I wanted to learn more about China, the country that gave the world that beautiful gift which is the game of mahjong - another big passion of mine! ^___-) and also in Singaporean dramas.


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