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My real name is Neha and I reside in India. Born on 8th July, which falls under Western zodiac sun sign of cancer and thats probably the reason why I am bit moody, a total home loving person who is highly introvert. According to Google, I'm INFJ~
I started watching Asian dramas (the ones listed on MDL) in 2008. Korean Drama Delightful girl, Chun Hyung was the start of my this addiction. The same year I started dramas from Japan and Taiwan and eventually went to watch from Thailand, HongKong and China as well. I try to watch titles from every country but K, J and TW are my priority as well as my comfort zone.
I'm both, currently Airing drama watcher and also a binger. I prefer to watch comedies, suspense and dark dramas on weekly basis but like to binge watch romcoms and melodramas.
I enjoy most of the genres! Comedy, romcom, melodramas, action, suspense, mystery - Everything! I only shied away from horrors and zombies but being a kdrama fan I eventually started them too xD Nowadays, I want to watch more heartwarming and healing titles.
I am rarely in drama slump, but when I'm then I switch to Korean variety shows. Running Man is my favorite longest ongoing variety show.
I give ratings based solely on my enjoyment level. It gets HIGH score if I LOVED it and LOW if I didn't like it- SIMPLE! I enjoy dramas more when they have beautiful sceneries and good soundtracks.
I'm more of a friends feed person- likes to spend time there, check my friends posts and post most of my stuff there like my drama ratings, my thoughts and some screenshots. So, in case you are thinking of adding me then take these as consideration :D If I have send you friends request than that means I want to see you and your posts on my FF as I like to keep that place lively but also close knitted.

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