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Look A-Likes/ Doppelgänger

Actors who look so similar they could be mistaken as siblings, a look-alike or doppelgängers.

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Fake to Real Relationships

Fake to Real Relationships in modern drama. One of my favorite tropes ;) includes arranged marriage and cohabitation

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WAITING for English Subs

Still hoping to see English subs for these dramas preferably in decent or HD quality. Please anyone?

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My favorites. Where to watch with engsub aside from iQiYi, WeTV, Mango, Dramacool, etc [add .com]: productiveprocrastination, carmonsub

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My favorites. Where to watch Thai Drama/Lakorns or links to subbers [add .com]: justanothermuse, lakorngalaxy, nekomeowmeow, neko2play.blogspot,…

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Mark Prin Watchlist

I'd like to watch all Mark Prin dramas. Hoping to get engsubs and with good resolution quality. Please point me in the right direction ;)

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