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✧ "I will pull the stars down from the sky, just to wish only you and i."  ✧

✎ About Me ✎ 
♥ 22 ♥ Future Engineer ♥ Astronomy ♥ 쯔위 ♥ TWCE Science ♥ Dark Pearl Aerospace ♥ XY
- I've been into K-Dramas for a lot of years now. I really enjoyed it, but i decided to explore other Asian Dramas to seek something new in my eyes. Now i also love C-Drama, Thai Drama, Taiwanese, and some Japanese Drama.

- I am super selective when planning to watch a drama. I usually check it first by watching some FMV's, comments/reviews, and spoilers (Though not that much so i can still enjoy the drama) to see if it had a tropes that i like.

- I don't care if a drama is something like out of this world or unrealistic at some point. As long as it gives me the vibes i need, then i'll give it a go (Maybe this is a product of me reading some Wattpad stories lol). Dramas are just fiction so nothing big deal.

- I love re-watching dramas, but only limited to those who hold a special place here in my heart.
✔ Favorite Tags/Genres: ✔✘ Tags/Genres i don't like: ✘
- Romance
- Hate To Love/Enemy to Lovers
- Arranged/Contract Marriage
- Fake Relationship
- One Night Stand
- Pregnancy
- Secret Child
- Cohabitation
- Time Skip /Meet Again (Where leads broke up and meet again years later)

- Age Gap
- Historical/Old Genre Dramas (Only watch a few)
- Superpowers/Supernatural
- Fantasy (Only watch a few)

✨ My first ever drama series that made me go to the Drama World ✨
It Started with a Kiss 1 and 2
(2005 and 2007)
Fated to Love You
These 2 nostalgic drama which both came from Taiwan are the first drama that i have watched in my life. They will always hold a special place here in my heart, especially the It Started with a Kiss. ArJoe Shipper Forever.

♥ All-Time Favorite Dramas 
Thai - So Wayree
"Indeed one of the Best Thai Drama of 2020"
Special Mention - Lighter and Princess
"My Favorite Modern C-Drama"
Chinese - Begin Again
"My Favorite Contract Marriage C-Drama"
Japanese - Itazura Na Kiss 1 & 2
"I love you Miki xD"
Taiwanese - It Started with a Kiss 1 and 2
"My First Ever Drama That I 've Watched"
Korean - What's Wrong with Secretary Kim
"Might change this soon hehe"
 Most Favorite Shipped Drama Couple 
♥  Kemmook ♥ ♥  Xunyun ♥ 

♫♫ Favorite Drama OST ♫♫
▶ All-Time Faves ▶
Love, Exist - Meteor Garden (2018)Falling For You - Lighter and PrincessI'm going to meet you - Queen and I
Ring My Bell - Uncontrollaby FondFireworks - Lighter and PrincessThe Two of Us - The Producers
I Thought - Autumn's ConcertoPractical Joke - It Started With a KissOnly U - Uncontrollably Fond

Destined Arrangement - Begin Again

Love Song - My Secret RomanceI Love You - My Love from the Star
Cutting Off Love - Love Between Fairy and DevilI Think I Will - When I Fly Towards YouBraving Love - The Love You Give Me
It's You - While You Were SleepingProof Of My Heartbeat - Fall in Love at First Kiss

▶ Fave Cute & Fluffy OST ▶
Three Hearts of Love - Begin AgainSweet Hug - Intense LoveLove Loop - Lighter and Princess
ALSB OpeningWarm Little Time - Put Your Head On my ShoulderMeeting You - Crush
Lemon Sparkling Water - Only For Love


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