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Nice to Meet You chinese drama review
Nice to Meet You
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by kath
Abr 9, 2019
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I was very skeptical about this drama after watching the first few episodes because i found it too cringey for my taste. However the more episodes i watch, the more i get lured into the story.

Okay, this drama has its flaws. It is not perfect. It is cliche at times. You will get frustrated with some characters that you just end up screaming in front of your laptop because of how stupid they are. You will probably have a love-hate relationship with the main characters. But I guess that's what makes this drama really addicting. It gave me different kinds of emotions and will make you think if you should empathize with some characters or not. Midway on the drama and I was already rewatching some episodes. And now that I finally finished it, I am back with rewatching my favourite parts again lmao.

The chemistry between GJ and YZ is no joke omg. Their love story is one hell of a ride but the end made it all worth it T_T The acting is also sooo good, most especially Zhang Ming En. I fell in love with his portrayal of YZ - how he nailed being a sweet boyfriend to GJ and how he acted as a jerk in the latter part. I felt his pain when he thought GJ betrayed him. I also love the character development that is very much present in the drama and how it walked us through the characters' journey to forgiveness.

Overall, there's never a dull moment watching this drama and I believe they wrapped everything up in the end. Definitely recommended if you're a sucker for romance like me. But even if you're not, it is still a good watch as it offers you some life lessons along the way (which is for you to find out *winks*)

PS. Also the OSTs make the drama even better huhu

PS2: So I have read other reviews about this drama and to be very honest, I enjoyed this more than Because Of You. I guess it's really a hit or miss. Try watching a few episodes atleast and see if you'll like it.
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