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Hong Kong


Hong Kong

Jin Yong TVB Chinese costume drama is my first true love. It was my comfort food while living in the west whenever I was homesick and wanted to just hear to someone speak Cantonese. By the time I moved home, the world changed and Mandarin Chinese drama had taken over.  It was hubris but I was adamant that nothing would ever be able to beat the Hong Kong TVB Jin Yong classics.  So I turned to Western drama.  

One day, one of my dearest friends introduced me to Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. And wow.... there are no words to describe how enthralled I was with THE show.  As I binged it, I spammed her with alternately angry and grateful wechat messages for challenging by biases and changing my life like this.  And thus the PeachBlossomGoddess was born; in another life and another world. I mostly watch historical c-dramas and Western dramas. 

I have an affinity with lush characters

Don't know if I can keep it up but I try to wrap up everything I watch with a review. It is mostly for myself so I don't forget why I liked it (or not) as well as to keep account of the reasons for my ratings.  I have a very high bar for 9.0 and above and 10.0s have to be that very special category that I am unable to stop re-watching. Generally anything 7.0 and above is something I consider watchable and is a positive recommendation. I usually drop anything that I think is less than a 5.0 so I don't have many super low rated dramas on my completed list. I keep annual lists ranking the dramas I have watched in order of preference. Over time, I have occasionally adjusted my ratings for dramas that I over-rated a drama in terms of re-watch value. When I discover with the passage of time I never re-visited a drama, then I take that into account and reflect it in my rating. For those of you who read my reviews, thank you for reading and for your comments and feedback. Unfortunately a few YouTube channels have started to help themselves to my content. They are not authorized to do so. Please DM me if you come across such instances. 

Finally please note I only post on MDL and post occasionally on my YouTube channel. I am not on Reddit, Facebook or any other social media. If you come across my MDL user name on any of those sites, they are definitely not me.


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