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Hey  there
fellow drama enthusiasts! I'm a self-proclaimed drama addict with a journey spanning  seven  years. I've 
watched over 600 dramas across various languages - Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Taiwanese, and more!

My love affair with dramas began with Chinese love stories mixed with Hindi songs (I know, it sounds weird, but it was my starting point!).  I was a starry-eyed 13-year-old, completely smitten with "Love O2O" - Yang Yang, you were my very first Chinese crush, and you've held that title ever since (no shame in my game!)! I mean, look at him guyz do you think anyone can resist.I then devoured more Chinese dramas on YouTube and Dramacool.

Then, I stumbled upon "Full House" (a Thai drama) because, well, AoMike is really cute?. I also watched some lakorns at that time.I remember returning from school and starting to watch the live episodes of "Professional Single" on Yo Yo English Channel (those were the days!). It was my favorite at that time even though it is a simple and small drama i have a special bond with that drama even now.

Go ahead is one of my personal favorite. a lot of 2020 chinese dramas are in my favorites maybe cause i watched them ongoing and since they were new to me i liked them more but i feel they were really cute do you agree they have a different feeling from dramas of now adays....

Some of my all time fav chinese dramas

How i started watching k-dramas is another story .....

 I was not even aware of k-dramas but i heard about k-pop cause EXO ?

When I was 9, I had a crush on a boy who introduced me to EXO (okay, it's a bit embarrassing, but I'll share it anyway!). He asked me if I knew about the band EXO, and I was like, "Huh? What's that?" (I didn't even know what the internet was at that time, lol!). But he talked about it nonstop, so it stuck in my mind. Later, while watching Chinese dramas, I searched more about EXO (even though I wasn't a big fan or anything), and at least I knew about them. 

So when i was in 10th grade and  had a friend who liked K-pop bands, and she introduced me to the  K-pop band! I asked her, "How can you even identify their faces? They all look the same to me!" But she was persistent, and I somehow ended up looking them up on the internet and that was it! My ARMY period started, and I became even more addicted to BTS than she was! I love them, and I'm proud to be an ARMY! Taehyung is my bias, and I've watched every episode of their variety shows and every song, of course!

And eventually discovered K-dramas through YouTube (because, algorithm). 

My first K-drama? Um... maybe "Goblin", "Suspicious Partner", or "Legend of the Blue Sea"? (Clearly, I have a great memory ?). Ji Chang Wook stole my heart in "Suspicious Partner" (still my fave K-drama actor - don't @ me!).

  I am a simp for the friendship plots and coming of age dramas..........

Supernatural  powers and fantasy is always welcome here...

 So I will show you my fav actors❤️

I created my first  MyDramaList account then(but I forgot the password, lol! ? sad...)

I started watching BL content in between, too (lol, I know, it's a lot!). My first one was "Addicted", then I started watching Thai BLs like "SOTUS", "Tharntype", "Love Sick", and "2Moons". I couldn't get enough, so I watched every BL content I could find from every language - Taiwanese to French, you name it! 

I don't know why I love it so much, but I started reading webtoons because of yaoi content, and now I watch every kind of webtoon, too! "The Untamed" reached me in the world of danmei, and now I'm a danmei addict, lol!

Now i am also  engene and stay yeh i have a busy schedule lol.

now "I've leveled up to drama connoisseur status... or maybe I'm just really good at making excuses to watch only what I want! Either way, I know what I like, and if it doesn't hit those sweet spots, I'm outta there!"

 Yeh that's it....



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