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Hello i'm ordinary gen z boy.

I'm born in 00's, just chill watch some movie and drama, badminton my favorite sport.

I Love drama/series from: Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Spain, and English Series.

My Rating Opinion:

9.5-10 : Have good Relationship, good and strong chemistry, very good story, easy going story, good handleling missunderstanding/problem, deep and explore in acting.

8.5-9: Have good story, happy ending, not much problem/missunderstanding, good chemistry, fun to watch, good in acting .

7.5-8: Not always good story but can still to watch, not easy but not hard story, still ok if have a long missunderstanding but happy ending, with balance other character story and the lead, a little bit frustating sometimes hahaha.

7: Almost same with 7.5 to 8 rating, but difference is have more bad story or acting or both.

<= 6.5 : bad story (i don't care with happy ending if it's bad), too forced story, a lot missunderstanding, a lot character to show, a lot show other character rather than the leads, not good with their chemistry, mostly open ending or sad ending i will give a low rating but not at all.


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