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fave genre: romcom, investigation, sci-fi, supernatural, bl 

(why does my top 3 tag is  Friendship, Happy Ending, and Death like... Death what you doing here T T)

dream job: to earn money from watching (graveyard shift)

☃status: active again ≧◠‿◠≦✌

(I grew up watching Asian drama and anime, but at that time I'm not totally into Asian drama, I'm just like a casual watcher because of my Grandmother who is the one who really enjoyed them a lot, I was a kid at that time so of course anime is more of my priority lol, but my obsession with Asian drama started when I watched the anime version of Itazura na Kiss and I was like "I already know this story" and then I found out that this and the live action one is the same and it's just a different version, and so at that moment I learned that anime and drama is connected. And that's where my Asian drama journey began)

FYI about my scoring, I scored things based on how I enjoyed them individually, like if you see the same score drama on my list that doesn't mean that they have the same quality, it just mean that I enjoyed them both the same way, and also for me a short and low budget drama should have different scoring system with a high budget drama. And also I don't really give a low scores but when I become really disappointed with a drama I do give one and also if I don't really liked it or it just bad. that's it, that's all, Sincerely yours Meowskie~ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ~








Let me introduce WαyV



currently studying japanese~


*see my list for opinions nobody ask*

***Family Drama***



"It may be hard right now...

but you must silence those thought!

stop counting only those things that you have lost!

what is gone, is gone!

so ask yourself this! What is there...

that still remains to you?!"

~Jinbei, One Piece



[Bye Bye]. . .


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