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Bloody House chinese drama review
Bloody House
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by clarisays
Dez 24, 2020
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Lacked all the elements that make a good thriller and horror

I was able to watch this film on a channel called Thrill. Sadly, I am not thrilled with this film. It lacked all the elements that make a good thriller and horror. It is worth to mention that the light, music and surprises you often see in such genre to make viewers scream are all present in the film. However, it was not as effective as they did not use it wisely. In fact, they bombarded the film with such gimmicks.

Besides this, the story itself and the acting were also a problem here. It was quite bland. As part of the audience, I was not motivated to find out who the antagonist is. I just wanted the film to end so I can watch the next one.
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