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On a crusade for salvaging my poor English (and Spanish) by writing shitty reviews for the obscure dramas out there. I spend my time also trying to sound intellectual, because I'm not.

I'm also on MAL with the same username. Don't judge. I wrote that profile description while doing European History homework and you know how Shakespearean boring it is. I joined MDL because it has a similar format to MAL.

If you really must know, I'm not a drama fiend. I know my anime. I learn my drama. My friends love the drama. I know drama from them. I second hand know my drama.

More shittake mushrooms about myself... I am an INTP. It's great to finally have a reason why my hair looks like Einstein's.

Feel free to PM me about grammatical errors, differences in opinion, comments or just general questions. I probably will respond late.
Corrections and constructive criticisms are most certainly welcome. I am one of those rare people that will go back and edit their reviews. After all, opinions do change over time.

On a serious note, I will start writing reviews about telenovelas in Spanish for extra credit soon. They will not be posted here because this is an Asian drama website. Recently I have been busy writing my real life personal stories for others to read (not by my own choice). I hope I can finally gratify myself by writing a nice roast on a movie during break. My general rule of thumb is to only review dramas with no reviews that have already aired to ensure my opinions are as accurate as possible to what the general mainstream mindset would want.

I used to collect cards like this.

I used to collect these cards all the time from MAL, so I thought I should at least display a cute one here on MDL^^


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