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“Everything in this world is fate. Only love is not fate.”

“What if I do not mind dying? Then can I hold onto it and keep loving you?” – Jang Uk
“To the light that has saved the world, I shall now return your shadow. A light t
hat embraces a shadow will never be lost in darkness.”

“Every thin line that I drew, every second that went by, every year, every moment, Yeon-su was always there. And continuously, I will spend all my time loving Kook Yeon-su.” – Choi Ung“It’s not a rainbow. It’s love.” – Baek Yijin

“Why are you here?” – Lee Mihyun
“I was dying inside.” – Kim Doosik / Moonsan

 “You can touch the sky. I can’t ever get hurt at all. This is a secret kept between us.” – Jang Heeso

 "It's a story about fighting. But it's about romance too."

“There’s nothing more to ask for. I have you with me. I don’t need anything else.” – Gu Won  

“Do you have any idea how much I needed you back then? You’re the only reason I’m alive right now.” – Lee Doona

“I can’t hear your voice but I see it. I can feel it. You shine the brightest when you’re doing music.” – Yoon Cheong Ah


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