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American Fan

The Wild West

American Fan

The Wild West
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BL Favorites

No special order. Hoping 2024 has lots of favorites coming up!

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Favorite Drama OSTs

These OSTs are on my regular playlists.  Some are recs from other MDL members. Almost all song titles have a link to the YT MV. Most of these…

48 titles 5 loves 2 comments
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Chinese Favorites

My rating of 8 +

26 titles 1 love
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Historical/Fantasy Favorites

Dramas that held my interest to the end, which isn't always easy since they can be marathons. 

23 titles 1 love
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Favorite Singers & Musicians
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Stray Kids All Around The World

Stray Kids shows. Some watched and some PTW. Official SKZ websiteStray Kids on YouTube

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Other Favorite Dramas

Favorites not on my other lists.  9-8 rated.   See separate list for 10 rated.   Mostly Korean.   No special order.

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Chase the Blues Away

Great for laughs. No particular order. 

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Japanese Favorites

Japanese dramas/movies are my least favorite, so this list is short but sweet. My rating of 8 and above.

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All Ten's

Dramas with a 10 from my completed watch list. my opinion :-)  Note: Both straight & BL are included.  No order.

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