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Korean Dramaland and Variety Land


Korean Dramaland and Variety Land

Wants to be valued, respected, and loved. Sometimes wants to escape from the day-to-day routine of life. Still trying to find PURPOSE.

I am in love with Sung Hoon nowadays. He is just simply and undeniably gorgeous at the same time so real to me. As real as it can get. Although an actor and a celebrity, he seldom thinks of his image and shows his true personality as much as possible. I find him so sexy, especially in water. He is my Aquaman. 


Then again, can't help but add in the mix Lee Dong Wook. He is simply an epitome of handsomeness like unreal, but your heart can literally leave your body when he smiles! There is a certain depth in him especially when I watch his first talk show Because I Want To Talk. At one point I thought he is a lonesome fellow but he can actually crack a joke or two. So there, I am currently hooked on him and his personality. 

Although I still love you Lee Min Ho you are already unreachable these days and so far away. I hope you do variety shows soon so I can get to know you better off camera. 

I  took a "hiatus" from watching Korean dramas as somehow it leaves me with an empty and lonely feeling sometimes since I know all those are from reality and then I discovered Korean Variety Shows such as I Live Alone, Running Man, and Happy Together.  Right now I am watching reruns of I Live Alone and I highly recommend it. Somehow this show brings me back to what is real not just in our lives but in the lives of some of these Korean actors living alone...just simply daebak!

Anyway, feel free to add me as your friend, send a friend request, send me a message if you just simply want to talk, and reconnect with just about anything. I am here!

Feel free to add me also on my social media accounts: 

Instagram I created for fangirling Sung Hoon: @fangirl_sunghoon

Twitter: @allure_lim

Currently watching right now: I am currently on an epic journey of watching all episodes of Running Man beginning with episode 1 while watching Korean dramas on my watchlist. Yes, I am busy! LOL


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