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Heroes chinese drama review
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by Xtinew
Mai 14, 2024
11 of 36 episódios vistos
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"The drama tells the story of a group of individuals with different backgrounds who were unexpectedly drawn into a mysterious treasure-hunting journey during the late Qing Dynasty. Amidst the grand and tumultuous historical tide, they gradually strengthened their ideals of saving the country." 4 opposite side groups of people; Loyalist of Qing Imperial Guards lead by Irgen Gioro Mu Qing / "Men San Dao" (Qin Jun Jie), ambitious little RongTian Sword Sect lead by Zhuo Bu Fan (Liu Yu Ning), Single unnerving Dagu County Yamen constable Wang Jia Luo (Pang Han Chen), plus Japanese agents. In the beginning these people meet like domino effects: Men San Dao's people are pursuing traitor the WuZu Reformers, Wang Jia Luo is pursuing killers in his jurisdiction which're RongTian Sword Sect people, Zhuo Bu Fan's sect are pursuing treasure map helping Prince Qi the head of rebel, as wells as Japanese agents for treasury map.

They're colluded as their case are interconnected and interference in each other throats. They out smart each other, work in their group with each dilemmas and love interest, everyone has a spy around them to hijack the mission.
So far, I only watch up to ep 11 and still going on but....

What I love about this drama is the opening credit: Black and white videos of Chinese lifestyle in Shanghai, historical facts about concession of Japanese, English, France, American authorities in 19th century Shanghai. All actors acting remarkably good from the Main Leads and supporting actors, scripts is flowing flawless great, awesome action, subtle romances, setting and costumes are beautifully appropriate century, great angle cameramen, love the OST. It reminded me of movies in the 60th.

Liu Yu Ning is very good in here....I think his expression is on point.
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