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Lost in [space | consciousness field]


Lost in [space | consciousness field]

I often get lost in dramas and ponder about the meaning of life - or not.
A story has to makes sense somehow, so i take the consistency of the plot way too serious.
I drop most dramas if the acting is unbearable, no matter how handsome or pretty the actors are.

Fully immersed in the kdrama world.
Lately trying to broaden my cdrama horizon. Open for suggestion that fit my kind of humor.
Love especially the unusual weird, bizarre jdrama style in regards of topics and production.
I love crime/detective dramas, not a huge fan of pure fantasy -  a bit mystery is ok thou.
Totally obsessed with time travel. Time slip, time loop, time manipulation - alternative or parallel world.
More into Sci Fi than History- but please with logic, coherent story and appropriate graphics.

I'm kind of meticulous and nit-picking especially with directing, editing, writing and general production of a show. I really love beautiful cinematography and visuals.

I believe that there are certain objective factors to aesthetic, but true beauty lies in in the eyes of the beholder. Cause: Art is Art and feelings are subjective. I don't argue about taste and personal preferences.

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