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Always Be My Maybe philippines drama review
Always Be My Maybe
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by Terrica18
Set 7, 2020
No geral 10
História 10.0
Atuação/Elenco 10.0
Musical 10.0
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This movie was definitely an unexpected surprise. In truth I’ve watched various series from so many countries and usually when you get to this one it’s some type of mellow dramatic show where the actors are the actresses are over acting and the scenarios are exaggerated but this one was the complete opposite. I found myself laughing out loud so many times. The supporting cast was hilarious and the two leads were awesome. They had an amazing chemistry and everything about their relationship just felt natural.
I know this was a movie but I have to tell you that they’re acting was so natural I felt so genuine. Even the humorous parts just seem like something that the average person would do or say in these situations. The show revolved around the two leads recovering from a break up and this was not your typical I’m drunk and now we’re in love. This was a well developed and thought out script. The development was smooth.
If you’re looking for a sweet romantic comedy I would highly recommend this one. This is not your normal cliché we got drunk and fell in love type movies. This is not your typical obnoxious female lead or overbearing male lead. This is not your overdramatic female leads. This is not the typical naïve female weed and domineering merely. This is absolutely Sweet, raw, genuine and funny. You will not be disappointed.
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