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Quick Fixes

The short dramas that I am going to start picking through that keep getting lost my ever expanding Plan to Watch list…

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Dramaland - The Movie Edition
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Make it Cute, Make it Fluffy, Make it Quick

Short run episodes/series or quick fix 2-20min length eps. No IQ points required. Leave with a brain as smooth as a chicken cutlet

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Next Up…Too Many Dramas, Not Enough Time

When your plan to watch list has out grown even prioritising…This is my up coming viewing schedule, order subject to change depending on…

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Dramaland - Speed Run

A list of the upcoming dramas that I shall watching mostly to either clear my plan to watch list down, they either hold less interest for me…

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Crime and Capers - Police Work has Never Looked so Good

Police, Detectives, Medical Examiners and the Vigilantes…from  the serious to the fun and everything in between 

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Binge and Burn

My Peloton Bike now has Netflix! This will be list of the more casual watching for my morning spin session. Mostly for me to separate out the…

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The 9.5 Star Rated - The Notable Mentions

Could easily have been a 10, but something small and/or tropeworthy would have annoyed me just enough to take 0.5 off

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The 10 Star rated - The all time favourites

Purely personal opinion, based mostly on my rewatch values of the best bits. Some of these dramas are not intellectual giants, there is a good…

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Historical Investigations: Swoon-worthy Mysteries

Various historical time periods, no mobile phones here please

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Candle in the Tomb - Chronological Order Main Story

So many versions…just to help plan my viewing…

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