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Best Time Travel Dramas

What are the best dramas [not films] that contain elements of Time Travel?

141 titles 119 loves 34 comments
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Light & Fluffy Titles for after a break up!

Post your favorite light and fluffy dramas/movies that would be perfect after a bad breakup!

272 titles 122 loves 14 comments
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What was your first K-Drama?

Vote/add the drama that started the K-drama journey for  you. 

261 titles 38 loves 17 comments
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Noona [Older Woman/Younger Man] Romance - Kdramas

Please include all your favorite Kdramas that contains elements of  'Noona romance'. The Noona relationships do NOT need to be between the…

72 titles 29 loves 3 comments
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What is your favorite 'Hong Sisters' drama?

The Hong Sisters, composed of Hong Mi Ran and Hong Jung Eun, are two screenwriters  famous in the Kdrama world for writing some of the most…

13 titles 15 loves 4 comments
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Best Korean Films & Dramas recommended for guys?

What Korean Drama and Films would you recommend for guys? 

101 titles 6 loves 1 comment
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Chaebol K-Dramas

What are the best dramas with a main character who is a chaebol? In the drama world, a chaebol is essentially a rich person who comes from generations…

77 titles 29 loves 8 comments
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What was your first Japanese drama?

Vote/add the drama that started the J-drama journey for  you. 

141 titles 18 loves 16 comments
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Korean dramas & films that put you in the Christmas mood

What Korean dramas and films put you in the winter holiday/Christmas spirit?

16 titles 1 comment
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The Best of Rags-to-Riches

Vote for your favorite Rags-to-Riches titles! Rags-to-riches is a genre where a poor lead character becomes wealthy.

41 titles 3 loves
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Favorite Actors
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Favorite Movies
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Favorite Dramas
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Most Meaningful Dramas
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Classic Jdramas
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