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MyDramaList talks to Netflix Kdrama Actor Andrew Bishop, who worked alongside late Lee Sun Kyun
Entrevistas - Jan 21, 2024

MyDramaList catches up with Netflix Actor Andrew Bishop, where we discuss how it was to work with the late Lee Sun Kyun, working on Kdramas as a non-Korean, and more!

MyDramaList iOS & Android mobile apps are now available!
Notícias MDL - Abr 28, 2023

Learn more about the launch of our new mobile applications!

New Feature: Games & Quizzes
Notícias MDL - Dez 7, 2022

We're happy to announce MDL's latest feature: Games!

[New Feature] Dark Mode
Notícias MDL - Jul 21, 2020

The newest feature to be added to our site is Dark Mode. Dark mode is a dark colored theme for those of you with sensitive eyes or who have a preference for darker colored sites.

[Video] 11 Unrealistic Cliches In Korean Dramas (FT. HappySqueak)
Editoriais - Mai 15, 2020

These 11 #Kdrama cliches/scenes can be so over the top, that we have no choice but to scream, 'aigoo' at their implausibility or downright impossibility. What are your favorite Korean drama cliches or scenarios?

[Video] 10 Things WRONG with Boys Over Flowers?
Editoriais - Abr 29, 2020

Wealthy spoiled brat literally KIDNAPS the girl he's crushing on and tries to impress her with his daddy's money. Here are 10 things absolutely WRONG with Boys Over Flowers / Hana Yori Dango / Meteor Garden and the rest of the adaptations. Are we too hars

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[Video] 10 KDramas To Watch During Social Distancing [ft. KimchiLovesCurry]
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In our first ever episode of MDLtv, HappySqueak takes us through her 10 Kdrama recommendations to get us through this time of social distancing and self-isolation.

[Video] Netflix Confirms 7 New Korean Shows & 1 Film For 2020!
Notícias - Mar 29, 2020

Netflix has confirmed it's upcoming lineup for 2020! There are 6 new Kdramas, 1 Korean film, and 1 variety show!

[Video] 7 Japanese Dramas For Beginners
Editoriais - Mar 12, 2020

These 7 Jdramas started most global drama fans on their journey into the JDrama fandom! What was your first Japanese Drama?

[Video] 8 Best Korean Dramas For Beginners | Contract Marriages
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These 8 Kdramas are considered some of the best Contract Marriage / Fake Marriage Korean Dramas in the fandom. What is your favorite Contract Marriage Drama?

[Video] 10 Best 'Rich Guy, Poor Girl' Korean Dramas For Beginners
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These are the best of the best Kdramas with the Rich Guy/Poor Girl trope. Is your favorite on the list?

[Video] 15 Korean Dramas For Beginners
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These 15 Kdramas started most global drama fans on their journey into the Kdrama fandom! What was your first Korean Drama?

[Video]10 Netflix Korean Dramas That Will Blow Your Mind!
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This video goes over the top 10 rated Netflix Korean Dramas.

23 NETFLIX Korean Dramas Coming Out In 2020! [Video]
Resumo dos episodios - Jan 30, 2020

See this comprehensive list of Kdramas coming out later this year!

Need More Sleep? Then Come to “Bank of Seoul!”
Editoriais - Jan 16, 2020

Bank of Seoul, a short film centered around 'loaning sleep', is finally on Kocowa. Check it out and let us know what you think!

[Video] Bong Joon Ho's Parasite to become a HBO Show / IU & Park Seo Joon starring in .... & more!
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[New] Introducing 'Verified' Accounts
Notícias MDL - Dez 27, 2019

What is this new checkmark that appears next to people's username? Click inside to find out!

Watch BTS & more Korean Celebs LIVE EXCLUSIVELY on KOCOWA
Notícias - Dez 24, 2019

You can now watch the Korean End of Year Awards live on Kocowa! This has never before been streamed live on a licensed platform.

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[Video] Hong Sisters to collaborate with 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim' PD for new drama
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The Hong Sisters may be working on a new KDrama set for 2020!

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Check out the new stats we've added! See what your favorite dramas ratings are based on user's 'watch status.'

[New Stats] Ratings Broken Down By Age Group
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Check out the new stats we've added! See what the average rating of each drama is based on age group!

MyDramaList in Portguese Launches Today!
Notícias MDL - Set 23, 2019

MyDramaList expands into the Portuguese language today!