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Bread of Happiness japanese movie review
Bread of Happiness
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by Shiro
Mar 6, 2022
No geral 7.5
História 7.5
Atuação/Elenco 7.5
Musical 6.0
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Breaking bread...

Here is a movie that finally gives the credit and love bread deserves, putting it in the centre and showing that it can not only been made in different shapes and sizes, and different flavours but that it can even give people a feeling of belonging, purpose and just the thought of getting to eat more bread can even give those in need a reason to live...

The movie has a lot of beautiful shots and I understand that it has the potential to move and touch people, just not me ... I do not know if it is my mindset or a general numbness that I have towards stories that seem to romanticise the simple life or if it was the setting that put me off of it but. For those who do like to fantasise about the simple life in the country side surrounded by fields forests with a lake view this movie is definitely something for you!

The food looks amazing, the characters seem and sweet, some are cuter than other but over all kind of bland,,,
also the couple seems genuinely nice and the whole book feel to it is soothing... Had I not had enough of the countryside, having spent a few years there myself and realising it is not my type of bread... I too would have wanted to open a bed and bread, I mean bed and breakfast where I get to meet broken people that can be mended with bread...

All in all a pretty well made movie, with a lot of niceness to it...
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