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 Welcome to my profile!

Was introduced to this world through a Kdrama " High School Love On "(so typical right? lol)

My Favorite Genre - Action, Thriller, Psychological, Suspense & Mystery.
My Least Favorite Genre - RichML/PoorFL, Fantasy that seems too unreal, long historical dramas.

Sucker for Strong Headed/smart Female Leads!!

I see the world in grey, hence I love to watch dramas with Grey Characters!

My Top 5 Korean Dramas (Alphabetically), And why?

  • Flower Of Evil - Unpredictable and a beautiful story. 

  • It's Okay Not To Be Okay - The characters are just golden and classic.

  • Mr. Queen - Unique plot executed brilliantly. 

  • Terius Behind Me - Very wholesome and complete. 

  • Vagabond - High production quality and brilliant action/stunts performed. 

My Top Bl Dramas (In Order)

  1. Cherry Magic [Japanese] 

  2. To My Star [Korean] 

  3. Dark Blue Kiss [Thai] 

That's it...

Kdramas for me is like my safe haven when I watch them I don't tend to worry about other things...

So in short, Dramas are my Escape from Reality!! <3

Want to recommend, wanna get some recommendations, or want to discuss dramas and make a friend feel free to message me!! 

P.S. PFP- Kim Ji hoon, from Flower Of Evil.

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