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I love K-Dramas, K-Pop, J-Dramas, C-Dramas and the occasional Thai Drama

I sometimes make YouTube videos ^.^


Drama Ratings:

Honestly, I don't take ratings that seriously sometimes I look back at shows I've seen and think that my rating needs to change, I was too generous with some shows so I'm trying to go back and re-rate them.

10 - I loved it in every way, the plot, the characters, the message - 100% recommend9-9.5 - I loved it and it was a really engaging - would highly recommend8-8.5 - It was still enjoyable to watch, almost perfect but was missing something more
7-7.5 - It was okay, it was probably a predictable plot or one that's overdone6-6.5 - Meh, I could've dropped it at some point, it may not have kept me engaged throughoutLower than 6 - I don't usually rate lower than 6 since I would've dropped it already unless I finished it but didn't like it

❀ K-Dramas 

I watched my first K-Drama around 2016 and it was with Pinocchio then I looked into more of Park Shin Hye's roles since I really liked her character and the rest was history. I eventually needed a break from the tragic K-Drama I was watching at the time (I think it was because of Uncontrollably Fond) that I started looking into K-Pop and trying to see if I would like it and I fell deep into the K-Pop hole like I was obsessed and it was all I would listen to and watch for months.

My favourite K-Dramas are:

Flower of EvilCrash Landing on You

[I think the friendships in each of the shows is what I really loved about them]

I have more shows that I really like and it's on my Best K-Dramas list if you want to check them out. 

[For the full list of K-Dramas I've Watched (in order) click the link] 

[Sidenote: I realised I really love my lists, but I mean what can I say, I like organising the things I've watched by country and by Show or Movie. It was fun making them and writing little commentaries on them even if no one will read it anyway, but check it out if you want to!]

Favourite OSTs: 

[Click the pictures to listen to the song (⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)]


Crush - BeautifulHenry - It's YouJooyoung - Here We Are
Goblin OSTWhile You Were Sleeping OSTFind Me in Your Memory OST

Favourite OTPs: 

These were my favourite K-Drama couples, purely because they were cute together and really matched well

School 2017


My introduction to J-Dramas was from Netflix and it was with Good Morning Call and honestly, I didn't know if I liked it at first since it was so exaggerated it was like an anime but with people, but I saw that the show was based on a manga so I let it off and actually finished it and liked it and I've watched a lot more since then. You really start to learn that the Japanese plotlines are so different from K-Dramas so I kinda had a culture shock tbh but I also liked how real the shows were and didn't shy away from portraying certain issues. I think I've watched more Japanese movies than shows but the movies were also really good.

My favourite J-Dramas are:

[For the full list of J-Dramas I've seen click the link] 

My favourite Japanese Movies:

These movies either left a strong impact after watching it (Drowning Love), had an interesting character/plot (Call Boy), highlighted mental illness (Love At Least) or I liked the romance (The other 4).

[For the full list of Japanese Movies I've Seen click the link] 


It took a while for me to get into C-Dramas, I'm still yet to fully get into Historical C-Drama but I can't take the Wuxia genre seriously with people flying around when fighting but there are some that I really liked. The first C-Drama I finished was Where the Lost Ones Go and I absolutely loved it. I think my favourite C-Drama genres are College, School, Friendship and Romance. 

My favourite C-Dramas are:

Love O2OI Will Never Let You GoI've Fallen For You

[For the full list of C-Dramas and Taiwanese Dramas I've seen click the link]

My favourite Chinese Movies:

Better DaysMy Best SummerSuddenly Seventeen

[For the full list of Chinese Movies I've seen click the link] 




[Click the artist name for my current/all-time favourite title track and the gifs to listen to my favourite b-side (⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)]

I stan a lot of K-Pop groups, when I first got into K-Pop it was BTS, GOT7 and EXO that really stood out to me the most but my Ult became BTS. There was just so much BTS content out there at the time and it allowed me to get to know them more and their personalities. I got into K-pop in August of 2016 so this was 3 years into BTS's career and so I caught up on everything they put out, learned about their struggles and it made me want to root for them more and they just seemed different from other groups like their friendship came off as more genuine and they were just so humble, I was so proud of them when they won their first daesang at MMA and at MAMA 2016 because they really deserved it.

[I don't have a bias in GOT7 or EXO and for BTS my initial bias before I got to know the group was Jungkook, then it was V for a long time (and I say he's my bias to most people just for ease), then Suga bias wrecked me HARD, Jimin after that, now I'm currently in an RM phase but I've just concluded that I'm OT7 since I love them all <3][♡♡♡ VMIN is my favourite pair though ♡♡♡]


Other male K-Pop groups I like +ult [with members I can all name] are...

[Click the artist name for my current/all-time favourite title track and the gifs to listen to my favourite b-side (⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)]

Bias(es): Jooheon and I.M
Bias(es): B.I + Bobby
Bias: BangChan + Lee Know
Bias(es): Yeonjun and Soobin
Bias: Jae and OT5
Bias: San
Bias: TEN
Bias: The8 and Wonwoo
Bias: Key
Bias: Ilhoon and OT7

[I also love Block BASTRO, WINNER, BIG BANG and SUPER JUNIOR. I also listen to SF9, PENTAGON and A.C.E. I've recently started stanning Enhypen and The Boyz (I'm still in the process of learning their names but I have learnt a few now) ]

I still don't know how I have just one bias for the biggest group on this list (NCT), I get bias wrecked with Jaehyun and Yuta but TEN is always my main bias <3 ... These days I just say that my 127 bias is Jaehyun with a bit of Yuta; my WAYV bias is Xiojun (I blame Make A Wish and WayVision for this, I just fell in love with him), and my Dream bias is between Haechan and Renjun and Chenle is my baby I love him. P.S 2020 really made me such an NCT stan like full-on, I used to be more of a casual fan but they've moved so high up my bias list for K-Pop groups. p.s I know B.I is no longer in iKON or Illhoon but they are still one of my biases


Female K-pop groups I like are...

[Click the artist name for my current/all-time favourite title track and the gifs to listen to my favourite b-side (⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)]

Bias: Yuqi but all
Bias: Hwasa
Bias: Sana
Bias: Seulgi
Bias(es): Rose and Lisa
Bias: Ryujin
Bias: Hani
Bias: Eunji

 [I also like EVERGLOW and CLC but I don't know all the member's names]

I have other girl groups I listen to like most recently Oh My Girl and probably others but these are ones I've known for a while and know and love their songs.


Female soloists I like...

[Click the artist name/gif to listen to my favourite song(s) by them (⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)]


K-HipHop/RnB artists I like...

[Click the artist name/pic to listen to my favourite song(s) by them (⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)]


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