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Pot-Pourri Haru

Somewhere with Internet in the northern hemisphere.

Pot-Pourri Haru

Somewhere with Internet in the northern hemisphere.

Welcome Traveler! I hope you'll enjoy your short stay here. 

Below is an overview of the content of this profile page. Have fun and have a lovely day/night ^-^

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  • still adding drama and movies that I have watched (I forgot lots of titles and especially dorama, bc they were quick fixes)
  • "On hold" list includes drama I might have watched, am rechecking those
  • some ppl never learn. Including me. Creating a forum for the dorama club, thinking that would be it. HAHAHAHA. Anyhow, like dorama? Check it out


Okay maybe I am more of a side character that loves kdrama, dorama and c-dramas. I started watching them over 10 years ago. Lost myself and interests a bit in Uni and at work - meaning I pretended to be someone I am not. I am now however finally at the point where I don't give a frugar anymore. Dramas make me happy. 

Happy endings make me happy. Like the one in Oh my Venus for example. 

I am here bc I'd like to "meet" people to chat randomly with via dm. However I work in a quite challenging area, so I won't be able to have daily conversations. If you can deal with that and also live in your own rhythm, do know a bit or don't mind learning about ADHD, try writing with me. 

I am looking for people whom I can uplift and that help me too, when I need some cheering on. We all know how tiresome reality can be, so I'd like this to be a safe space. Where I can find likeminded people, gush over the stories, the joy of happy endings, of reliable friendships and found families.  

Ah random: but if you need help with English, French, History or Politics (International Relations) homework or essays at uni let me know. I always tutored people and like to help out with that stuff.

Wu Jin Yan (吴谨言 ) in Yanxi Palace

Mark Zhao (趙又廷 ) in Eternal Love


My fav series so far have been Eternal Love and Story of Yanxi Palace. The First because it is such a beautiful love story, with up and downs but the actors are great, all of them and I still can't believe that I went trough with it and will even probably rewatch it. The second because the female lead is really clever, as are the main male leads. And the story makes sense. And surprised me quite a bit.

I have issues with sad endings though, especially if I feel that they could've easily been avoided and are just there to make everyone suffer.  My biggest heartbreak and regret that I ever started it, the series that pulled me down for days, which isn't good when you have depression, was "Apple in your eye". Not the movie, but the series.  I also don't like contradictions - like  a Lead being portrayed as independent, strong and mature, maybe the CEO of sth, and yet she/he/they act like smol insecure bunnies all the time.  Or over dramatic-complicated-triangle-teenage-angst stories. No thank you.

Because when I shut off the PC I have real life right there. I don't need to watch endless sorrow, unfairness, heartbreak or hopelessness on screen. I make exceptions for movies like Us and Them. Because after them you still want to get up and go on.  I don't get the stories where you are left huddled on the floor with no will to get up, with no silver lining to look out for.

Green Banner of historical dramas club
Banner of Dorama Club


- this is regularly rewritten -

I miss taking part in the hashtags of the week stuff T_T
I am also putting too much pressure on myself to get the club thing right. 

You know when you are in your teens or in your twenties and ppl tell you to watch out for your health and thus to not do, eat or drink certain things? Well listen to them. 

My Profile page - how to edit etc.? -> Shiro's Profile explains it all (and yes I mean all, like also other Stuff from MDL)
What are karma points etc.? -> has been somewhat explained in this discussion started by Ceki
How do I edit drama/episode guides/actors etc.? -> Hessa explained it in this discussion 
There are Hashtags for the weekdays? Yes. here they are:
#musicmonday share links from music you love

#TriviaTuesday Trivia about Drama/Actors etc. again @Rjei27 idea
#PetLovingWednesday or #WittyWednesday or #WrinklyWednesday (proposed by @AnaTechWr) #ThirstDAY  (Thursday pictures of uhm stuff you thirst for? I dunno, I did not make it up, there were pictures from someone in a shower... it was @Rjei27  idea) 
#fangirl*boyfriday or #FeatureFilmFriday post pictures from your idols :) 
#scenicsaturday post pictures from drama or places you visited etc. 
#SundayFunDay ("we can post something fun or cool scenes we’ve seen in any drama/movie/tv shows. It could be something “FUNNY” too from dramas or movies or even variety shows") again @Rjei27 idea


Wuxia Art from


Thanks for getting so far and reading my profile!


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