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J Dorama Club

All around the globe

J Dorama Club

All around the globe

Aight this is work in progress folks!

This profile is the mascot account of the J-Dorama Club (JDC) here on MDL. 

Due to personal life demands I will only be able to check in here every few months. However, your friend requests will be accepted and DMs will be read.

m(_ _)m

*if you want to, like no pressure, really


  1. Memoboard 
  2. Current challenges / Announcements
  3. Link to JDC Forum 
  4. Watchlists by decade or topics
  5. Recs & Articles by our members
  6. Badges & Banners


  • Explain structure/purpose of forum and profile page
  • link articles (general intros to dorama) 
  • link watchlists (of members...mhm...need to think more about this one)
  • link fav actors (chosen by club)
  • chose monthly watching dorama (chosen by club members)
  • plan feed overtakes to raise visibility of dorama on MDL
  • dorama meme creation
  • movie section

Yes, I know, that everyone can read this. But I want the club members to join in the brainstorming session. They can only do that if they know my thoughts. 


Some members have suggested finding a "drama of the month". To watch of course, but also to discuss, with spoiler tags. So go ahead and make suggestions for it in the forum or dm me. 

✨Interactive Activities✨

The purpose was: What should our mascot be? Old_Anime_Lady m(_   _)m suggested investing in a custom made one. Nice idea, but she is also right, that we first need to decide upon what exactly our mascot should be. Because Mokona from Clamp is, due to copyright laws and because not all of the members will be anime fans, not really a long-term option (pointed thankfully out by bamboo ^-^).

Deadline ended Friday the 29th of October; 1800h EST

Here you can see the contributions by the members of the JDC they were made in this  feed. 
And the winner was chosen in this feed. Deadline ended on the 31st of October; 1800h EST

The Winner is my current profile pic ^-^
Big thanks to Old Anime Lady for providing us with that look. 

by @Normie92 & moiby @rhinoceros & @Monby @Old_Anime_Lady

by @Old_Anime_Lady

(click the banner)

(click on the icons)

dm me if you know of lists, or made one, that should be on here!
soon to be added & made prettier
(I did mention at the beginning that this profile was work process right?)

(click on the icons)

Consider this a billboard.
You don't know what to watch? Or want to see how many dorama you've already watched from the Top 10 on MDL? Just scroll at your own leisure. 

Okaeri Mone is a fav of our members rn

Top 10 Dorama
on MDL

Fall Dorama listed

"No doubt this is the best Taiga Drama ever produced! " by our member TimiZero
So why this one? "Loved the first season a lot :D " said our laia which is clever, because it makes you watch two seasons of this mystery dorama.

Koi desu also is a recurring one being pointed out by our members. Or like kura2ninja said
"my ultimate comfort watch"  

These pics that are horizontal but displayed vertically drive me nuts - anyhow. Rec from our member Popxqueen... she hasn't yet given me a quoteworthy quote for the "why this one?" :D "Of the other dramas I'm simultaneously watching, my favorite is" well Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi (said Chiha patInwza55 (←_←) . That's why it's here. Check this slice of life comedy out!

Review of Movies played at the Japanese Film Festival 2022 by OAL :) 


Appreciation insert line for @Chiha & @Mon & @Moonchild & @shenmi & @heyhotshot2 who made all of these (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚
*These can be used on your profile pages if you want ^-^

badge yellow and orange flower crown around japanese dorama clubbadge sakura flowers green leaves japanese dorama clubbadge japanese dorama club with green leaves and flowers
badge japanse dorama club autumn leavesbadge red japanese dorama club with white flowers
gif japanese dorama club with green leaves and flowers
*gasp* what is this?
And empty space?
Imagine! Your badge
creation could be
displayed here!
(¬‿¬ )  
Iwata Takanori
Kaya Kiyohara
Hamabe Minami 
Kamishiraishi Mone
Machida Keita
Satoh Takeru
Aragaki Yui
Yukie Nakama

Aragaki Yui


That's it folks!
You've reached the end of the JDC's Profile page. Thank you for scrolling this far!
I hope, that you've found out something useful or fun or just the right banner & badge for your profile page.
If you have any questions or recs or other feedback, please contact me - I will do my best to answer you ^-^

m(_   _)m


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