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Men in Love chinese drama review
Men in Love
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by Enigma05
Mai 20, 2024
40 of 40 episódios vistos
Completados 15
No geral 5.5
História 4.0
Atuação/Elenco 8.0
Musical 9.0
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40 Episodes + 4 Couples + Hot Mess "I Need Time" script = 2nd Dumpster Fire of 2024

I added this to my watchlist because I wanted to see HYT in a totally different character and genre. He is known for his aloofness and very little emotion. And while this character was essentially really good for him (smiling, being a goofball, showing a range of emotions) the rest was not. I hope he gets more chances like this but with much better scripts. Because 40 episodes, 4 couples, an absolute hot mess script turned this promising series into the 2nd dumpster fire I've seen in 2024.

Pros: HYT's character, the 4 best friends and their relationship as they were the much needed comic relief of the entire show, LYN's OST and some of the BGMs. Those were the only pros.

Cons: Everything else! This was a remake apparently of some Korean drama but it suffered badly from a horrible script. On top of that it had 4 couples with very little chemistry, 40 episodes of rinse, repeat, please pass the cheese scenarios where I personally skipped 6 of the latter episodes because of how annoyed I was at everyone and every situation. Furthermore, when the actual actors request for script changes to their characters because of how ridiculous and unrealistic the story was, that's a huge red flag. The theme of this show was, "I need time." Time to think about how to be a miserable moron apparently. Let's talk about each couple.

The leads started off with the FL liking the SML who fell for SFL as the ML fell for her at first sight. It was a love quad. Except it never felt like the FL was capable of liking or loving anyone. Instead it was more like a hobby and having any boyfriend would have sufficed. She had little actual knowledge of what love even was until I think the second to last episode even though she and the ML did get together, they had more breakups than I was willing to count and the selfish way she told him that "I never trusted you in the first place", floored me and absolutely solidified that she didn't deserve the ML who spent all 40 episodes bending over backwards for her. Even when his ex and her kid were brought in (as total and unnecessary plot devices), it just highlighted how ridiculously insecure the FL was. I was sure that after that horrendous line, the ML wouldn't go near her but let her come crawling back to him but nope he still thought of her, sent her flowers etc. She was willing to believe total strangers about him than the words and actions he'd shown her from the get go. It was infuriating. Her episode 39 traffic light epiphany about how he loved her but she didn't realize it just seemed contrived because just an hour before she walked away from him for the 100th time unwilling to give him an answer and now like someone shot nuclear EQ into her head, she suddenly understood everything he ever did for her and regretted the way she acted and wanted to love him the same way he loved her. It was beyond unbelievable.

I had originally liked this show because it showed the lives of flawed, imperfect characters in their daily lives but once I realized that most of the women were devolving into morons or already started there and one sounded like a toddler making me ffw her as much as I could, I couldn't back it anymore. There was literally no actual plot to this series save for everyone's relationship issues and it just got boring quick. Only the brotherhood of the 4 guys made it really worth watching.

The second leads issues stemmed from the SFL lack of facial expressions, her traumatic upbringing but the worst was that she took all of her anger out on the SML who didn't do anything but wait for her and quietly supported her. Unlike ML, he wasn't going to grovel and follow her around but let her have her space. He also had an insufferable mother to deal with who never really came around as she just gave up because he still proposed to SFL and got his father and sister to help shut his mother up. It was a group win as opposed to a mother who loved her son and wished for his happiness above her own interests. SFL was also wishy-washy when it came to advice for her even worse wishy-washy best friend the FL; like figure out your own life before you give others advice.

The 3rd couple seemed like very much an afterthought especially with who they cast as TFL; the toddler voiced, spoiled though with a good heart woman-child was somehow to be believed to be a 24 year old postgraduate who was in love with TML, a lawyer with a tragic past of his own, in losing his wife unexpectedly 4 years prior. Now the toddler could act brave and sound mature in the business setting but as soon as that was done, she would whiplash back to acting and sounding like she needed her binkie. Literally ffw'd her through pretty much the entire show. She definitely had her strong moments but they were few and far in between.

Our last couple, had the least screen time together and I called them the married/divorced couple because that was their identity. And though I admired the FFL for how she officially ended their marriage admitting that a lot of it was her fault and she should have come to terms with it sooner, what brought them back together was that she got pregnant but than started blaming him again for the little things including him signing the divorce papers that she orchestrated in the first place! And he again started to apologize; like what in the what? Make it make sense, please.

Overall, everyone got back together, married, engaged, whatever but you didn't feel much sense of accomplishment other than when the 4 friends buried a new time capsule and continued their goofiness, was literally what I considered the ending.

Would I recommend it? No way. I have seen most of these actors in other things that had done them justice but this thing absolutely wasn't one of them. I want a similar character for HYT but with a different script that he deserves; same goes for the other actors. If you cherish your sanity, watch something else.
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