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Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata
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Jan 1, 2013
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Basically this drama is about a bunch of kids messing about in a school where they are actually the only students around to find. There we have a lively, cheerful youth gals whose goal is to transform the male students into princes.

The reason why I gave this drama such a low score is that it kinda gives you the feeling that you are watching something "home-made". The setting does not give you the image of a high school and so a youth drama.

The cast is O.K, I mean if there was not Kiriyama Renn I wouldn't probably watch this drama but even, he couldn't save it. The only likeable character is Haruka although I do not appreciate her personality. Also, the silent boy, really, he makes me laugh.

The story/idea is good but I think it is pretty much wasted with this drama. I'm no expert but they could have chosen a better cast to carry the roles more energetically.

All in all, if you have spare time and you want to watch a drama which has comedy and little romance in it, this drama is perfect for you!

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City of Fathers
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Out 4, 2012
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No geral 5.0
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Musical 3.0
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The movie generally deals with family issues and mixes it with underground society and gangs.From the beginning the movie is hopeful but as you proceed it becomes repulsive and you might want to skip some scenes.

Also for the ones who might be misguided by the description,this is NOT a heartwarming family movie.In fact,it is precisely the opposite.

Anyway I think the script had many sides which could be seperately dealed like the girl who became an entertainer or the boy and the woman who looked like his mother.

OVERALL,if you are super bored and in the mood for ruthless gang beating scenes this movie I shall recommend. :))

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