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Embrace your Dreams.

I'm Susan, but I go by the name Sus ^_^ Feel free to use either~ I'm not picky.
A few quick facts:
I listen to KPop and JRock. I also watch anime.
Favorite Kpop artists' are: FT Island, BigBang, SHINee, CNBlue, Beast, Miss A, G-Dragon & 4Minute
Favorite Jrock artists' are: the GazettE, Miyavi, Alice Nine, Versailles & Kanon Wakeshima

Favorite Original Soundtracks: Final Fantasy Crisis Core, The Great Doctor aka Faith, You're Beautiful

The only Taiwanese artist I listen to is Rainie Yang

Favorite Anime: D.Gray-Man, Chrono Crusade, Trinity Blood, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Kuroshitsuji

Since my favorite actors'/actresses and dramas are listed in the profile, I will leave that out ^_^
But so you get an idea on who my favorite bias is....

              Lee Min Ho                                   Lee Min Ho                                 Lee Min Ho

Jrock has got to be the sexiest thing there is. Take Ruki, vocalist of the GazettE, for example

I'm too much of a fangirl at heart to contain myself. Sometimes.. I let loose and go crazy. Pardon my behavior if that should ever happen to any of you - I'm sure you all know how that feels.
BTW, one more thing.....

Feel free to leave me a msg to talk about anything Drama/Anime/Kpop/Jrock
................ or, if you have any brilliant plans on how to kidnap sexy Korean boys, I will gladly be part of this.


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