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Listas Recentes, when did it all start...I guess the earliest connection to Asian anime or movies, was when I watched Captain Future as a kid...that was so marvelous and got me hooked for more and a general interest in Asian culture lots of other anime followed and I began to start digging into movies as well.

Regarding the Japanese, Takeshi Kitano definitely got my attention first, later the works of Sion Sono and for Korea it was "My sassy girl"...since then...never stopped looking out for more.

Japanese Literature also got my interest, starting with Haruki Murakami, Ryu Murakami and Natsume Sōseki, lots of others followed...meanwhile I picked up some Korean authors also.

Besides of that I love music (also lots of J-Rock/Punk/Metal...some J-Pop, too), play electric guitar, do some computer art and go biking, hiking in the mountains, enjoying outdoor activities in general with family and friends and some garden/agriculture/forest work to refresh my senses...

If you want to get into contact, or wanna add me as a friend...just do it...



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